(Elite) Coustillier do extra damage to archers on charge attack?

Hi all,

I did a quick scenario editor test of (elite) Coustillier and found out they do way more bonus damage to archers on charge attack (seems like +40 extra). Non-charged are normal. Can anyone confirm this? Is this intentional (if yes, I really don’t like this…)?

I only tested elite version, so idk about non-elite.

Thanks for reading.


Bonus appears to apply to mameluke as well.

it’s exactly +35 attack

I have also seen this. Their charge attack has extra bonus against archer class. Non-elite Coustilier charge is +35 (another +35 vs archer). Elite Coustilier get +40 (+40 more vs archers). This is immaterial against most foot archers but matters when fighting cav archers, mamelukes and war wagons etc.

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Yeah, it seems broken on that regard. It’s probably not intended this way.