Elite Kipchaks (Cuman Mercenaries) change

Please rename the units received from Cuman Mercenaries from “Elite Kipchaks” to “Mercenary Kipchaks”. It was planned before release, but dunno why it was changed. This does avoid some confusion.

A noticeable difference between regular Elite Kipchaks and Mercenary Kipchaks is creation time, which was not the case on release.

Also the Mercenary Kipchak is no longer tied to Imperial Age, as it can be created by Castle Age allies as well.

Can you change the title to “Elite Kipchak from Cuman Mercenary tech”. I thought you are proposing balance change.


Just why? Its the same unit.one can also argue barrack huskarl should be renamed to something else.


i see no reason for this to change, it’s the same unit and completely unnecessary.

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Barracks Huskarls and Castle Huskarls are equal in everything except training building.

Elite Kipchaks from Cuman Mercenaries are vastly different:
→ free instead of paid
→ train much faster
→ do not need Elite Kipchak upgrade, or even Imperial Age upgrade

Thanks for feedback. Implemented.

Okay the DoI update (update 61321) also calls them Mercenary Kipchaks. So just rename them officially too!?