ELO isn't updating?! Serious help

Hi I’m trying to compete in that tournament coming up and for some reason my ELO hasnt updated whatsoever since yesterday.

My name on the leaderboards is RodLimitless, 2 days ago i was ranked top 10 and since, hasnt updated at all!!

Yesterday I went 5-0 in 1v1, like 15-1 in 2v2, and 4-1 in 3x, and 8-0 in 4x4 i mean it was ridonkulous and all were quickmatch games, none custom.

Pls does anyone know why hasn’t my thing updated?!?!?

There’s the whole 6 hr stream no bs.

Also: when i say it hasnt updated, I mean it said i only had played 25 games yesterday, and it still says the same thing. like no change D: as if i hadn’t played any games.

Devsupport? anybody support?

thx :’)

Your Vod is for Subs only

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