ELO not working? No-Score victory/defeat

I suppose everybody has already been through this, after winning (or losing) a match, you don’t get any score. That rectangle with your ELO and the variation (+16, for example) doesn’t appear, it’s as if you didn’t play any game.

Why does this happen every now and then? Any ideas?

were you playing in the ranked que? if not of course you wont get an elo change

Of course man, lol. I play everyday, the same game, the same settings, everything equal. And, occasionally, the games aren’t rated, somehow.

its possible that some sort of disconection is happening causing the results to not be reported to the cloud or something. ive had it happen on occation and its usualy because of some sort of crash

But it isn’t a good explanation. If there is some kind of crash, the game would automatically check the winner and give him the score. And it happens in normal games, the opponent says ‘gg’, resigns, no crash, nothing, and… The game is not rated.

I don’t know, since this has been happening for a long time, I thought it would have some explanation by now.

Afaik usually it’s delayed, the elo updates after ~5minutes or so

Quite sure it’s not the case. The ELO just doesn’t update. I always wait and check it the next time I enter the game.

Please, somebody tell me this has already happened to you as well, lol.

Isn’t it tied to the Elo difference as well? Maybe the opponent had a much lower rating so you didn’t gain much from the victory (unsure if this reaches zero though).