Elric Returns

Taken from AoE Twitter:

Are we instore for more puzzles?


For more context, to help others, since I had to look it up… the tweet said:

“Elric and Baabaarossa are already sneaking a look at the #AgeOfEmpires Fan Preview event coming your way on April 10. There, you’ll be able to create your own ONE-OF-A-KIND coat of arms, like this one! Learn more over at http://aoe.ms/fanpreview

And Elric was part of an old AoE ARG:

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Thank you for the context

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That’s a badass blazon :smiley: and the title “Master of Farms” is particularly intimidating . Elric must be a terrifying medieval Lord.

master of farms?, is Elric are another name for t90?

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Nice one. Didn’t even think of that idea. 11

Those the “Master of Farms” in combination with a sheep hint to a livestock mechanic like in AoE3 and not just the one time 100 food like in AoE2?

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