Emergency Patch france

Will there be a french emergency patch soon? Just curious


What part of French do you expect them to patch exactly?

Being able to win on water maps with any other civ is one good example.


That is indeed a good example. I know what’s wrong with French right now. I was just goofing around. For when it will be patched however, I’ve heard that there is a big tournament going on right now so I don’t think they will change the balance before it ends.

Maybe remove one of the Persians, Huns, Burgundians, Franks, Magyars bonus from their mixture :smiley: Maybe not follow SOTLs video of: Theorycrafting most OP cavalry civ in the game with cheap eco upgrades, faster vill production, cheaper dropoff points, better trade, faster scout production, early knight, free atk upgrades, royal knight, healing

Reduce royal knights hp in feudal age, make the heal upgrade more expensive, a tower help to protect villagers but when french has 3 royal knights it ista snipe one villager…

Personally, the biggest gripe I have against French is that all of its civ bonuses don’t have any downside or condition requirements.

For example, English gets 25% attack speed buff on units but only when units are around certain range of defensive buildings which have spotted enemy unit. Dehli gets to do every upgrade for free with the downside of extremely slow research time. Mongols get movable buildings but unable to build any sort of walls. HRE gets defensive structure bonus but only when it is supported by relics. Abassid gets many unique upgrades through temple of wisdom but age-up cannot be speeded up by villagers. So on and so forth.

Other civs have both upside/downside or condition requirements for utilizing their civ bonus but French and French only has no downside nor condition requirements at all. I know that devs wanted to make New-player-friendly civ but this is just a little bit BS if you ask me.


Well the tournament has nothing to do with Microsoft.
They shouldn’t make ppl wait and potentially ruin the experience for many ppl because of a tournament when there are glaring issues happening right now like the French being able to get hulks on age2.
Water was a big win for me on the open beta because it felt balanced and all civs had good options on it and now it’s been kinda ruined because its just mirrors all the time, and having an easy win because your oponent picked another civ isn’t fun either.

It’s like they only did half the job with creating the civilization. Someone kept having great ideas about cool and relevant bonuses, no-one said no and no-one thought about building in any kind of weaknesses.

Imo leave French as strong as is and instead strengthen the other civs to match especially the counter system. Spearman aren’t strong enough early nor late. Crossbow needs late game love to remain a proper counter to heavy units. Horseman are just trash IMO they need to at least have some range armor by default (foot archers… esp longbows shred horsemen by simply kiting…).

Also I hope patches will address the billion of bugs and old tool tips still in the game. They could do the bugs now and it would not negatively impact the tournament





That is another good option. It could be a matter of also strengthen other civs too, specially the ones that struggle to deal with knights early.
Age2 hulks definitely need to go though!

French just need to lose the villager production bonus - even if you expand and lose almost no vils to the cav charges the french player stays so long ahead in vil count - their eco will still be insane with cheap eco upgrades, camps etc. Ontop of that I think the healing upgrade for knights should move to castleage. On water maps the early hulk needs to go - or at least make it an early hulk that is A LOT weaker

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there dont need to be weaknesses if all civs are op :smiley: but it requires basically balance to be in perfect state so the powers can cancel each other out. which is basically impossible to achieve for such a complex set of bonuses and treats. And other than a system based on internal strenghts and weaknesses, this means if there is a little imbalance, it will direclty result in the game feeling broken.

I think no one with reasonable perception around here is expecting “perfect” balance. I assume most of the people would just want “enjoyable” or “acceptable” balance and right now, it is hard to deny that French is a quiet a big stain on that garment. I do not mind having jack-of-all-trade civ in this game. However, current French is more like master-of-all-trade. IMO, if devs want to make French into such civ, then all of its civ bonuses and landmark effectiveness should be toned down at least by 50% of current values. I strongly believe that there should be some sort of trade-off when all the civ bonuses are much accessible and easier to use compare to every other civ.