Empire Earth style for age of empires 4?


I have played age of empires 1, 2 and 3 and I own all of them I have noticed the progression in age and realize that now with the announcement of age of empires 4 many are unsure as to what era the age of empires 4 game should be in. I have played older titles such as empire earth and rise of nations and realized that is exactly what age of empires 4 requires. It would be nice to have it so that there were maybe 15 ages they would become more and more expensive in resources and technological advancement requirements as you age up to the next age. I was thinking maybe start off with Neanderthals and Cro Magnons as your first age and for the 15th age it should perhaps be 2020. That way you get a game where many eras are explored satisfying everyones desires for an era they can only fantasize about and keeping everyone happy.

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It’s probably too late for such big-picture ideas about AoE4 to be considered. besides, AoE4 needs to be competitive and enjoyable to watch to be hugely successful in our age of gaming. 15 ages would either make for extremely long games, or a whole lot of content that’s rarely seen. Seems like some ppl on these forums want some sort of real-time 8X game, but what the gaming community needs is an RTS title that’s familiar and fun (with competitive play as a 3rd priority). AoE3 era was already too out-of-place for many AoE and AoM fans (not me tho :wink:). Going further in that direction is a risky move as it might be off-putting to too many people, and there’s not much to gain from it.


I do not think the game will be of this style. First I’m more fan than the game is the modern war (WW) because that was what Ensemble Studios thought (picture below). Then for me the teaser was just the summary of the story of the series to say that now there is AOE 4. And if Relic was chosen it’s because they have experience on this era of the history (Company of Heroes).

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