Empire Wars changes (Villager distribution and maps)

EW is pretty new game mode that now is coming to ranked as well. Since it is pretty new, i would suggest some changes. We already have some experience with RBW tournaments. In RBW they change the map scripts a little bit, so the villager distribution at the start is different. Without the change everyone will go for FC builds, instead of action in feudal age. Afaik the purpose of EW is action from the start, including Feudal war. For that reason i would love to see this change in the standard maps as well. RWB have showed it works, so we can use this knowledge to adapt EW slightly by changing the villager distribution,.

Just to make clear the different in villager distribution:

And if we are on the subject of changes. I would love to see the RBW maps into the base game and thus in the map pool as well:

Nice. The devs are listening to me, even before i made the suggestion :joy:

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They read your mind 11.

It’s unfortunate that this edition of RBW is the one with the least interesting map pool in my opinion, I would have loved to play Kawasan, Haboob, Wings or Land Madness from previous editions, but I appreciate that tournament maps are added in the game for the ladder. I hope this trend continues with future tournaments

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I would be good if Empire Wars starts with some troops already trained? Like 2 Scouts, 6 archers and 3 MAA?

The best unit composition pretty much depends on the civ. For example: Why does a Spanish player want to start with archers? And would you replace the scout with eagles for meso civs?

Just an eco to quick start the game into a big feudal age war (with no team to wall in time) would be fine.

Because they are free, and still can do it well in Feudal


It could be nice to have something to start the action from the beginning. This way Empire Wars could be more unique than just RM without Dark Age