Empire Wars for AoE3

I’ve been working on a couple custom maps with triggers and extra stuff to recreate Empire Wars for AoE3! These maps are in my map mod (browse the mods for “vividlyplains custom map pack”) or in a standalone mod called “vivids empire wars”.

If you’re unfamiliar with AoE2’s Empire Wars, you’re essentially jump-started into age 2 with an appropriate economy, etc. On my custom maps, you’re supercharged about 5-6 minutes into the game with some prebuilt buildings, wagons and rickshaws for more, preresearched market techs, extra starting vills, a starting shipment or two, etc . . . I may post a complete list here at some point but it’s a lot so I encourage you to get some others and play on it yourselves! There is even an extra custom win condition where you can win by stockpiling x amount of resources and XP. The win condition shown in the image below is for a 1v1, the amount you need to stockpile increases proportionally to the number of players.

Some screenies below:

empire wars 1v1 dry empire wars 1v1 water empire wars 2v2v2v2 water empire wars ffa dry empire wars ffa water empire wars team dry


that soudns awesome ! Thanks for sharing vivid c:

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There is a small esoc tourney on these maps this month. Hoping for some entertaining games.

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