Empire Wars mode matchmaking?

Hello everyone

Are Random Map and Death Match, the only modes available for auto-matchmaking / ranked? What about Empire Wars?

Thank you


For now it’s only RM and DM but I would like to see empire wars as a matchmaking option.


1 like. Good ideal.Map explered and population 500 pl.

A ladder for Empire Wars would be amazing. I really enjoy the mode and even though it’s probably very dependant on RNG I think it’s still gonna be fun.
Then again there are a lot of things that need to be added, like a game that doesn’t crash or lobbies that are actually visible.


I would also love to see empire wars as a matchmaking option. Ever since Red Bull Wololo I’ve grown very fond of it. Even Viper said it would be a good idea in one of his streams a couple of weeks ago.

So please devs make it happen <3!!!

Hi, i just wanted to voice this wish of mine out on the forum.

I play only DM because since I don’t enjoy the mundane dark age, build orders, drops before the fights started, full wall into full boom low elo meta.

DM gives instant action. I feel not like wasting my time (to everyone their taste of course, if you like rm it’s fineee)

I am very happy with having the DM ranked queue, it so much better than in HD where balanced DM games were hard to find.

If empire wars was added, that would be a great addition for players like me that can’t stand RM anymore.


I am perfectly happy with RM, but I’d still like an Empire Wars ladder for a switch up - could also promote that game mode a bit more


I guess that empire wars mode has much potential for new players and New tournaments as Redbull tournament, would be very interesting


I support your idea.

I’ve been RM player since 2002, and lately I started playing DM because I felt like I needed something new given the current age of walls and xbows meta in RM.

I’ve never played Empire Wars but looks pretty fun and coult bring fresh strategies and action to the game if we had a ranked system for that.

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If they add empire wars to RM queue then fine (for example one map from all the pool for this) and they dont create a new ELO or queue, perfect!

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What about players than want to play empire wars but not rm. Don’t have enough bans for that.
Do I quit the queue or suffer though rm when the wrong mode is pulled from the map pool?

I understand your way of thinking thought. Splitting the player base for another niche game mode is also problematic.

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It needs its own elo and queue.

  1. Elo: It is played different then RM or DM. So those ratings arent great for empire wars.
  2. Queue: Like RM or DM (and 1v1/TG) you need to say what kind of match you want. Each game mode therefore needs its own queue.

Also the point of Geojak92 is a reason why it cant be part of RM.

I do support this idea, but i have to say i didnt see any lobbies at this moment with EW, so i dont really know how popular this idea would be. I dont think we want a queue for 5 players. I think the number of players must be at least equal to the number of DM players i think. Otherwise a seperate ladder/queue wont really work.


Yeah I would like to see empire wars become a thing. I’m surprised they haven’t promoted it more considering it was a DE launch feature. I can definitely see the appeal of EW to casual and new players.

Preferably EW gets its own queue but honestly they can just go ahead and throw it into the RM queue tied to a specific map. The RM queue is already split with other game modes already, maps like: nomad, land nomad, black forest (on explored! 11), hide out, arena, migration, islands, megarandom, etc. Maps like Arena might as well be played on empire wars mode. People that don’t like EW can ban it and people that want to play it can even have it as their preferred map.


Yeah I forgot about the preferred map feature.

I think this would be a fine way to introduce it for now. Looking forward to empire war arena… Maybe one day

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