Empire Wars Ranked Ladder?

Will there be a Ranked Ladder for Empire Wars?

I was ready to start a competitive career in this mode, but I found it missing!

In the Red Bull tournament, I loved how the “real” action started immediately. Also, the average game length was very attractive.

Any hopes for a ranked ladder? :slight_smile:


I personally do not like empire wars.
yeah it gets the game off to a faster start, however it removes options from the players.

more power to those who enjoy that type of thing though.

I think the number of DM games and EW games at some day are pretty much the same. DM have their own ladder. I dont know why we wouldnt have a EW ladder too. I even think that if it is in the ranked queue even more players will join the game mode.

So i support EW ladders (1v1 and team game).


Yeah, let’s hope that we get an Empire Wars ladder. It would be really awesome!

It could also bring new players to the game. A lot of people enjoy having intense action from the start.

I understand that classical games are well-loved, but it’s good to have alternatives (just like the DM ladder). All game modes have different appeals :slight_smile:

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If the game gets an EW ladder but not a way to play 1v1 arabia ranked then priorities are fcked.

this should be on ranked mm long time ago, its played on official tournaments a lot, please add it to ranked mm

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I enjoyed watching that Red Bull Tournament. Empire wars seems like a nice niche play style between RM and DM (closer to RM than DM) and would be fun to have a match making option for it for the people that want to play it.

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I’ve seen the suggestion of making empire wars part of the rotation with death match and regicide.

How many people plays death match compared with random maps?