Empire wars with towers?

Ok this might be be a wild suggestion but what if the game set to empire wars you start with 10 watchtowers on the outskirts of your base in around it? This will prevent early game raiding and stop the game ending so early for bad players. Okay, all the pros, and rush-rush players will cry but this will give them a fighting chance to bad players.

I myself have ended the game with a simple scout rush in the past. My enemy quit the game as soon as he lost one villager from my scouts. Likewise I have done the same when I ended up rushed so early.


10 is way too much (worth 500wood 1250stones)

I think that on some new maps it could be a thing, like having 1 or 2, or calling it completely another gamemode.

But that said, it doesn’t really needs it. Yeah Empire Wars requires a lot of micro at the beginning, and is far way more punitive than the vanilla gamemode. It is intended to feel different, and even if it looks friendly, to me I find it way harder.

This is the point of that gamemode, it requires you to be already in action, this is why Redbull Wololo is so sucessful. Towers will encourage the turtle/booming, and meta will turn towards something a part of the community won’t like, as we’ve seen already on heavy defensive maps such as Fortress or Black Forest.

You have to learn so many things, such as what is strong, what to do, what to not do, that myself have ended up playing the classic “conquest” gamemode over “Empire Wars”

Maybe you should consider playing empire wars on “fortress”.


except that’s the entire point of empire wars.
it cuts out the “Boring” dark age and lets you jump right into the action

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I would become a Goths main, Huskarl spam ftw.

To me it sounds like a cool EW map concept. I don’t see towers much. Probably knight/boom civs would dominate on such a map.

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Just play RM. EW is a gimmick that needs to die. It takes almost as long to queue up for a game as it takes to play out a full game of EW… just weird that they’ve even spent time to add this into the ranked queue instead of fixing all the crashes and lobby bugs.

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would be great as a new map for RM and empire wars, just generally a map that starts you out with 3-4 Towers similiar how arena starts you with walls. just a map not gamemode