Empires WARS (7 min threshold)

Quick math: 27 vils == 13m30s (ingame) == ~7min(real time)

THANK YOU(no)! DARK AGE replaced with QUEUE.

We already knew that bug or ficha.

PS i kalmed down and gg. let’s delete this ■■■■ and will return in 2 months when all bugs will be fixed (mb)

Just don’t play that gamemode until it’s fixed?

EDIT Just tested it. I aged up fine. Plus the game is set to feudal age by default. It’s not a bug. You have change the age setting in a custom lobby.

Edit 2: Slow aging up?

Not sure what you mean. Your issue is long waiting time in quick play to get into a EW game?

It was about “Quick play” and “unranked system”.
Have to wait 7min in queue for any game because “ficha/bug”.
Waiting time in queue is artificial/unnatural/manmade.

PS mb i should be calibrated but no one said about it.
For now “Quick Play” is “SLOW play” with megarandom skill opponents.

PPS This problem was so obvious for “quick play”, hopping some devs will see topic and react.

Should i play 20 games and it will be somehow wil be solved or not… 7min* 20 games == 2 hours of waiting.