Enable Auto Upgrade For Porcelain Tower

allow the Porcelain Tower to shadow tech when aging up. whether built in age 1 or age 4, in the imperial age the resource generation should be the same.


Fully agree. It’s not really well communicated in game that the resources even vary by age

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I remember discussing this else where and the concensus on this is apparently that it would just be too strong and it would effectively be the starting age up wonder of choice for China since it means you get like 2-4 vils every time you age afterwards.

I would be fine with an imp tech that upgrades it, same with the white pagoda which is locked by age as well.


Too strong, it’d be like all the other age ups giving you extra res each age.

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Shadow teching would be too powerful. Having upgrades that become available in later ages would be a better solution.


don’t similar wonders such as the karni mata, toshogo shrine, tower of victory, Confucian academy, golden pavilion, torri gate, shogunate and the white pagoda scale with current stats rather than provide a flat amount depending on age? or was this changed with de? even the units spawned from summer palace and Charminar gate are upgradable, increasing in value. as far as I know, of all stat boosting/training wonders porcelain tower is the only one that doesn’t scale with age at all.

that said I wouldn’t mind it being an upgrade rather than a shadowtech ala Agra Fort.


chinas eco is a lot better than japans and the main point of toshogo is to buff shrines, where as porcelain tower is simply a factory.

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no, none of the other wonders scale by age up. Karni is a flat 10% and shrine wonder has the same trickle no matter the age ( it is affected by the age 4 shrine upgrade). It also never has.

note the difference between say the resource or units provided by the wonder, those scale but the benefits they provide do not.

Technically you can say the porcelain towers different trickle rate is the scaling but its only unique to the porcelain tower where it only provides the trickle as the benefit and nothing else.

edit: its mostly a china thing that wonder benefits scale with age.

shrine wonder gives a % boost to all shrines as well, scaling outside of age up order.

I remember karni mata being a current % modifier like golden pavilion and white pagoda, I must have been wrong then.

either way I’m fine with it being a tech rather than an auto upgrade. it just feels awful if you get it earlier than imperial and not having a way to make it scale when you age up.

yeah but that boost is a flat boost, each subsequent age up doesn’t increase the boost that it gives.

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I believe there was some misunderstanding, let me clear it up. I agree with you on how wonders scale in general with a static % boost to current or base stats(not sure which), and that porcelain tower is unique in how it scales with age.