Enchanted Grove biome doesn't fit

It is out of touch with what people expect from this franchise, and it looks absolutely awful top to top it off, being a blend of existing biomes with some bizzare looking foliage, slapped with an intense filter on top. The magical deers, really?

Who is making these decisions? Biomes were suppoused to be a reasonable and nice addition to the game. Not something that detracts from what the game represents. This sense of direction is very upsetting.

EDIT: Someone clarified below that this is meant to be a seasonal biome only. I’m fine with that and won’t complain about free content, although would still have prefered a natural biome (like a wintery one for winter), as the game still needs environmental variation.


Don’t play it then :slight_smile:


It is out of touch with what people expect from this franchise

Is it though?
2DE had some fun unit mods for events that changed up the look of the game.

3DE had a cannon that shot cake, pumpkin headed black riders for halloween, presents for the crates, weird red balloons replacing the birds and a winter wonderland map.

Online had a variety of vanity armors and weapons that you could get as well.

Seems like a fun harmless event, that is mostly an optional biome. They mentioned that it won’t show up in ranked. So you may only come across it in quickplay or if you choose it in custom games.


Maybe, maybe not.
What I really am afraid of is some balance changes and names that are really confusing!
I’m writing again to the Devs to change Sultans Tower Elephant’s name to HANDCANNON Elephant, for example!

I didn’t catch that. It definitely should’ve been a seasonal biome, which I have no problem with. It seems it will be part of the other biomes however, which I just don’t think fits.

There’s a little developer note when they talk about the map pools.

To keep things fair for competitive ranked play, the Enchanted Grove biome will not be available on ranked maps.

The original season 4 road map mentions it as a seasonal biome, so maybe it will go away at the end. Personally I would like it if ended up still being available as a selectable biome in custom games after the season.


I think a game mode about hunting the enchanted stag!

You are upset that they are giving you more options to play the game with??? Strange.

Personally, I would be much happier if we get to keep the new biome even after Season 4 ends; I just don’t see the point of not giving the option to play it whenever you want.

Besides all that, I think the game desperately needs more biomes with more diverse set of local fauna(animals) and trees. Fun magical or silly biomes are all good and everything but we need more authentic biomes too.


I am in total agreement about this. Don’t get me wrong. I am stressing that this is just the wrong direction for that kind of content. I could go over the issues with the current ones, many of them looking the same or not looking like what they are meant to at all. The malian and ottoman updates introduced some authentic, good biomes, so this was honestly jarring. Like someone stated above, apparently this biome is seasonal, which I am ok with.

But, honestly? I would’ve prefered a seasonal winter map. Magic and whatever is just kind of ridiculous. Age 2 was kind of out there in terms of how they presented cultures, being caricatures and exaggerations. AoE4 has tried hard to be a streamlined historical game to the point of being boring–so it just seems very random.


sakura is not Japanese? is just a Magic Map Mode?I can’t accept it, we want aoe4 new civilizations, Japan and Byzantium, don’t want your boring activities to be perfunctory

A game related to history has a lot of things that have nothing to do with history, magic and beasts? Are we playing World of Warcraft or War for Middle-earth?


I was upset looking at the trailer with all the over-the-top post-processing and the frickin’ white deer while we still get identical wolves, boar and sheep all the way from the snowy Scandinavian north to the Sahara desert.

Completely agree with you, man. No matter how much makeup they add to the biomes, they still feel devoid of life and empty.

At first I actually thought the video was corrupted and showing inverted colors or something. It doesn’t even look good!

What fantasy had to do with a medieval game?

*batlle for Middle earth…

The same thing that spring, summer, halloween, winter/Christmas events has to do with other AoEs…

agree, magic is not part of AoE, may be AOM, at this point this games doesn’t make any sense anymore.

It’s a seasonal event, it’s not the end of the world either… I think it’s nice…


What is a Wololo if not magic? :grin:


Merlin enters chat

All druidess gasps in awe while the oracles try to hide themselves.

its a seasonal biome and will disappear after the event ends… but im ok even if it stays… looks beautiful


The events are really weird. I dont see why they dont do history related events. Maybe a “Crusades event” where you can get portraits of figures like Richard the Lionheart, Bohemond hauteville, Saladin, maybe some crusader unit skins for European civs, add some Levant inspired maps maybe even a one off co-op campaign style scenario. Feel like there could be alot more interesting events actually based on the medieval era.