End game statistics improvement

Just want to discuss here some suggestion to improve the end-game statistics.

Graph :
The ressource count doesn’t provide really any valuable information, except that if the player is banking a lot of money or if he is spending them. We can get the information about how many ressources with have gathered at the end in the economy tab, so i think these graph can be deleted, and some more valuable can be added.

We really need an income graph instead, because some civ can get more Food/min, even with a lower villager count. Also it is really valuable to test how a strategy is effective or not in reality, the effect of researching economic upgrades, etc…We can see it in the replay (but no graph). For me it’s really a must have.

-Military count isn’t bad, but maybe military value would be better (may be harder to implement i recognize), just a nice feature, but not top priority.

  • Military tab : it would be nice to have villager/traders killed or lost, to make the difference between casualties due to harassment or to army fights.

  • Society, maybe add a trader high


As a minimum, I think it should be the population space filled by military rather than the number of units. Same for total number of units, that should also be the population space filled, as at the moment it looks like a player didn’t max out their population if they have units that occupy more than one population space.

I also suggested in another thread that we should have a metric for what each player has killed, i.e. another variable that can be selected to show a graph for each player, showing the value of units and buildings destroyed by them over time.