Endgame Stats

i would really love to see more endgame stats after the game. Stuff like Villager/Towncenter idle time. Also having graphs to compare more than just the population would be great.


yeah would be great, might not make a huge difference down the line, but would love to see these kinds of stats, and the funny thing is it really shouldnt take too much coding…but then i dont think that many people care about it…

like i would love to have a life time record of units killed… like how FPS keep life time records of kills

A huge issue for me is that the graphs show the current stockpile of resources rather than total resources gathered by that point. In some cases being high on the current charts just means you are inefficient. The charts need to show how much has been gathered total up to that point.

you could watch your replays with capturage, that could be what you are looking for

This is a good suggestion, not only the end match stat, but also the player profile stat.

I really dont see why this is not a good suggestion.
It’s really bad to see people are banning everything just because they love to ban other good ideas without even giving justifications.