Enemies walking over walls

This has been a serious Issue in the last game I was playing vs AI. The enemies seem to be able to walk right over my stone walls, Seems to be at the Gate part. I noticed it was right over the Gate in between the Tower and Gate portions. Not sure if this has been reported but it kind of defeats the purpose of putting up a Wall.

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Perhaps it’s on purpose? In this way, fights can even occur on walls.

It seems that stone gates and towers are directional, and from one side any unit can access the top of the wall. You can even see the small doorways on the gates, which are behind the gate from one side but open on the other. When building gates and towers, there’s an indicator that shows which way it’s facing; you apparently want it facing toward where enemies will come from.


I’ve had the problem as well. From my understanding, if the gatehouse is facing the correct way and you have a stone wall tower on it facing the outside of your wall, there is some sort of bug with it. I have seen this from AI and not players, so I don’t know if a player could replicate it. You cannot face your own gatehouse backwards, lock the gate, and place the tower facing the same direction as the wall to replicate it. This bug has happened to me and others I have played with on multiple occasions where archers on top of a stone wall were met with spearmen that didn’t break our wall down.