enemy landmarks not destroyable


I just played skirmish 2VS1.
I have destroyed all of the enemy’s landmarks, but 1 landmark remains at 1/7000 and because of this I can’t win the game. i think this is a bug?

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Thanks for the report. I’ve sent this to the team to look into.


Hmm, weird as I have had no issues. If it has the legend “Destroyed landmark…”, then it is destroyed. Are you sure you did not miss any other landmarks? I guess with the exception of the chinese, it is 1 landmark per age. I see you are in Age IV, so there’s maybe a chance your enemy was too? If so, to win you need to destroy 4 landmarks, and your screenshot shows just 3.

Im having the same issues. Thats 3 games i have not been able to win due to that same issue and the game is revealed mode in two of the rounds just so i can locate any opponents i have missed. Also walled up most of the map and harvested all hunt sites and resource so no enemy is hidden behind the icons. Still nothing. I tried saving and loading in and that just ends up with all towers and units firing on the landmarks that have 1hp and that 1 hp never goes down hehe

Sorry you are seeing this @Player610717651! The team is on it!