Engeenirng school & auto gather animals at british

could the british engeeniring school have like all the european countries? can’t they not have those who had cannons from the first. also can we do something with the auto gathering of sheep and cows? and what do i mean when you play treaty games it’s hard to remind them to keep collecting from the animals. i.e. when the sheep are ready and you send the vills to collect, when they finish one, then they wait, you have to send them. you can’t just give an order to collect from the sheep or the cows to collect automatically;

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Dutch, Germany, Spain, do not have it either. And all 4 of them should be fine without.

Is there any reason only British should auto gather from sheeps/cows ?

I think making it hard to collect from sheeps/cows is important for balance. Otherwise, Hadenosaunee and British cand send 4 livestock cards (possible fir them in treaty) so that 6 sheepherd (sheep and cows) work as efficiently as have 35 to 40 fully carded farmers. Which sounds too strong.

This guy probably just only play british and has no idea about other civs xD. And he want his game to be simpler

My mistake i speak always about treaty mod

What has treaty to do with auto gather sheep’s ?
That sounds way to easy and broken lol

Yea as I said he just want the devs to make his game easier xD…and he only plays british so I thought this is a British civ issue but doesn’t know all civs have the same sheep fattening mechanic…

You probably didn’t understand what I asked. So before you make a review, you better read what I mean

Your English ain’t really great to understand what you mean.

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Sheep and Cannons.

I don’t really understand your first question. The British could have the Engineering School shipment, but they don’t. That’s fine. Do you have any particular reason for wanting it?

Regarding the second question, if you mean auto-gather from Sheep just for the British then no, that would be horribly broken. If it’s for all civs, then that would be a no as well - you just need to remember to assign then to gather.

I think he meant something like:

“please give engineering school to British. It is unfair that they dont have the card, because they were the first country in the world to use cannons.”

His reason is most likely that he want to buff his favorite civ by adding a card he likes.

Xmmm i dont think so play so much treaty with britisb