English 2nd TC

Just a quick question.

It doesn’t seem like the second TC fires arrows at enemies. Without play testing, do I need to garrison in order for the second TC to fire arrows? Will it fire arrows at all?

Also I feel the towers are the same in the first few ages. Unless garrisoned they don’t fire arrows in the first age correct?

Trying to figure out some early defensive builds utilizing English advantages that focus on defence and macro. However the game mechanics seem to make this incredibly hard as there is a learning curve to what buildings actually do. Requires constant restarts of games just to figure out what to build and what it does. Extremely annoying that the explanation of a building isn’t given before actually building.

Like if a tower doesn’t fire arrows it should say “gives line of sight and atks when garrisoned, holds 5 units”. Which it does, however the TC isn’t so clear cut. Says adds additional atks while garrisoned. This would imply it doesn’t need to be garrisoned to atk yet I played a game and had an enemy scout walk right by completely unharmed.

In all previous games TC’s always fired arrows.

Garrison for defense in your second TC.

For towers to fire on their own, you must purchase the first tower upgrade on the left.

Only first TC and keeps are able to fire arrows without upgrade or garrison.

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