English is op in this way as it is

I don’t like playing as English, because of the strategy possibilities. Furthermore I don’t like play against them because of the same reason. Build a council hall and spam longbowman, which are outranges everything in feudal. Build some man at arms, which has no real counter in feudal. Build some towers near your foe’s base, which provides you the network of citadels ability. Longbowman still have the setup camp ability which buffs the capabilities of your millitary. Build the too tanky rams, and if you fails u got the second op age wonder, called king’s palace and boom out the other play as you want. It seems to me a little bit unfair.
My suggestion is devs should nerf rams and or decrease longbowman cost, at least.


This is an Anglo Saxon game, so you know… Simple and powerful. The British and French have always been simple, easy and powerful in AOE series games.


My suggestion would be to read the patch notes, specifically PUP 2.

@gie8888 Historical concept sounds fine, but this is a strategy game. Unbalance like this makes the game less interesting. @Valentine1183, which patch notes exactly. Anyway pup beta game crashes on my pc. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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PUP 2 patch notes. The large rebalancing patch that’s coming next month. There’s copys of those notes posted on this forum, available through steam and a number of pro hosted reviews on youtube. It’s not really relevant if the PUP beta crashes your PC or not, what is relevant is that your dev suggestion is already a reality. Rams received, what is popularly referred to, as a nerf into insignificance.

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Sorry to say, but I rered all community content about updates, changes on steam community. I might just don’t have access to it, or I am simply dumb. Referring to ram nerf, it will have effect to all civs. I am not only talking about early rushes in general, I am talking about decreasing the massive advantage of english civ in fedual and early castle age. If these issues are in consideration among devs, I am very pleased. Thank you!

English will get Naturally nerfed from the consquence of the Siege rework.
Making siege far more resilient towards ranged damage.
Meaning bigger difficulties in range-sniping siege weapons with longbowmen.

I agree that English and French are far to strong, or in truth. far to “Easy”.
Making it that there is a 90% chance of playing against french and 80% chance of playing against english.

And rarely do you ever in a teamgame, not see any of them at all.

but TBH I don’t have to much issue against the english. just that english AND french combined makes for rather boring gameplay.

as you know there is going to be a feudal push with longbow and knights guaranteed.

against man-at-arms, the archers cost less, micreating in recoil you finish them slowly

Most high level players rank the English as one of the worst civs in the current patch. They are great in feudal but it isn’t that hard to survive a feudal rush and the English have probably the worst castle age. Their standard longbow + infantry compositions die horribly to mangonels.

English are not op. They are fine :slight_smile:

English isn’t that hard to conter if you know how since their longbows move slower then the French knights. I held off a English Longbow ramrush last night by just building a couple of barracks as HRE then transition to Burgerav while they were still in Feudal. Just spam men at arms since they make short work of longbows and can take on even decent sized balls of them. Then they can also torch the rams. After doing that I turned the momentum and got to age 3 and just brought Trebs to the English players base and took them out. I also suggest using archers of your own with a blacksmith and upgrading them and they can counter the spears or whatever else they build and you may even be able to outmass the English players longbowmen if they aren’t paying attention.

This “unbeatable” English longbow men rush can defiantly be countered if you learn how.

yea thats the reason why HRE needs so many buffs next patch, the winrate vs engl 58,6% isnt high enough :rofl:

sadly no real buff for english and most of the changes are nerfs.

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Yeah I agree English has a tough matchup with HRE it seems. HRE MAA counter the English main unit pretty well and can’ just take damage against any unit really. They can also torch the English rams really well then when they hit age 3 just counter attack with seige. With all the buff’s HRE is getting in the new update and the other changes they’ll benefit from like preleats not being in select all army and the Archan chapel being a mill now too I’m taking time to learn them this last week before the patch.