English Mastery Issue - Task 6 Gather Round - Heal Longbowmen

I’ve tried this one twice now and cannot get it to unlock.

No save/reloads. 1v1 map.

Both times I’ve made a mass of longbowmen and let them take damage and heal with setup camp. I’m not getting the unlock so I assume there is something off just unknown what it is.

Any ideas/tips?

Hi @Nards187, Did you upgrade the longbowmen to veteran or elite? The mastery may require unimproved longbowmen.

Reboot the router (shot in the dark)
Use base lvl bowmen
Drop rediculos amounts of camps

Whats the exact wording of the task?

It just says longbowmen, so I assume base units which haven’t been upgraded is required.

If u didnt get it yet… try healing 10 at once…? But if u did get it try to let us know what u think it was and we can use that tward others aswell. Thanks

That’s a good suggestion about using base unit only no upgrades, I honestly can’t recall if I had upgraded them or not.

I will try again with no upgrades outside of setup camp and report back

Ok update: Mastery step completed.

I am guessing it was the upgrade, I used base unit longbowmen with no upgrades outside of setup camp (not even blacksmith ones just to be sure).

It finally updated.

I do wish a lot of these masteries were better worded or had clearer verbiage. Thanks all for the help

I did everything too, without upgrades, healed everyone, even more than 10, but did not get a mastery point

Sad :frowning:

You need to get a blob of 10 damaged longbowmen and start healing them with one camp. Obviously at the same time. Heal them fully, then surrender. That’s how I’ve done it.

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I tried, it was helpful. Thank you <3