English needs a neerf ASAP

I have played like 25 games since the new patch (5 game from today’s patch) and i have faced like 18 times english civ and EVERY time i face them, they come with longbowmen and kill you, they just make mass longbowmen and thats it you cant go any futher…

You cant face them with cav because theY come like for every 5 archers you have 1 horseman, or they come with some pikes along with archers, they just dont stop making archers while you try to kill those units, they just kill your economy… If you make stone walls and towers, then they just avoid them or make basic artillery, if you make other archers kill those too, you cant be fast enough at least with chinese or HRE, to counter those dumb archers.

The only way to beat an english civ is when the player doesnt know how to play properly, just that, please neerf those longbowmen, make them more expensive or something, English civd got MMA, longbowmen and those units are sooooooo CHEAP, those players just dont try any strategy, just go straight longbowmen and kill everything, THIS IS UNPLAYABLE THAT WAY.


¡Esta es una noticia fantástica! ¡Significa que también puedo apresurarme con el inglés!

¿Cuánto duraron los juegos? Si es más corto que 10 minutos, ese va a ser mi favorito.

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I think you are over-reacting a bit. English get the Council hall which equals 2 free archery ranges, and longbowman have + 1 dmg and a slight range buff compared to normal archers that are 13% cheaper and also faster so they can’t be kited. Those are advantages to be sure, but hardly insurmountable. If you go for your own archer mass and horseman you can definitely beat them. As your archers will have huge bonus dmg to their spears while their archers will do relatively reduced dmg to your archers/cav. Once their spears are gone the horseman have free reign. Or if they have too much of a lead send your horseman to intercept reinforcements and/or raid their eco. English feudal eco isn’t particularly strong compared to others. What civilizations do you normally play?


Right now there one of the weakest Civs bro. With the mangonel nerf mabe a bit stronger but the counter is knights. Flank from the side and charge


and also faster so they can’t be kited.

They are in fact slower than normal archers.

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I also have difficulties with them as an HRE player. I‘ll try going for Meinwerk instead of the Aachen chapel, and build military upgrades fast. And then the aforementioned cavalry + archer strategy.

Only thing I can say to this is Git Gud


I warned in the forums that 50 starting wood would be a massive buff and obviously it is. All it took for Abbasid were the berry buffs and 10 seconds faster Age up to suddenly turn it into a top tier civ. Now the Berry buffs were overdone, we know that. And they have been been nerfed. But this is a great example of how quickly an earlygame buff will make a civ overtuned.

The +50 wood change doesn’t make any sense from a design perspective either. The goal is obvious. The developer wants you to be more aggressive with MAA in the earlygame. Thats why they buff them.

But +50 wood buffs everything, not just MAA. So obviously players are going to use +50 wood to build a tower next to your gold or trees and start throwing Longbowmen at you like they have always done, because this has always worked and just got even better now.

So here is what they should have done:

Reduce wood cost of Barracks by something inbetween 25 or 50. Maybe 30 for a start and see how the game developes.

Took me exactly 2 minutes to come up with a change which buffs MAA play without overly buffing the civs a a whole.

England is a threshold, for players who don’t know how to deal with it, England is a terrible nightmare; for players who know how to deal with it, England is an ordinary opponent.

Use your scouts to observe England’s movements, and prepare Horseman or wooden walls to block them, you will find that they are not as tough as you think.


The reason why you are meeting many English civ opponents is not only because that civ is broken, it is because that is the easiest civ to start playing, and their meta is not so complex as other civis, in my case I play with English because I don’t have time to study another civi, the good thing with age 4 is that every civ is unique and it seems every civ needs its particular meta, age 2 has almost the same meta for the major of civis, you have the same start, in age 4 you need to do more stuff, that is the reason I like most age 4 than age 2, I played several times with English and I lost many times, I dont think the civi needs a nerf at the moment


Archer counter is knight?

Sorry bro, you dont really know this game.

Knights do not counter archers at all. Horsemen do. Knights can easily be picked off when dealing with equal resources. Knights are very slow. Animation is also very slow. There is no point using knights against archer mass.

I don’t think English needs nerf but mangonel nerf is so unfair. Siege nerfs are directly buffing all infantry civs as mongonel used to counter infantry mass really well. Now archer mass can just snipe mangonel. All english has to do is keep bunch of spears to deny any horsemen and knights. Archers can easily just snipe the siege at this point.

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While I do agree with reducing the wood cost for barracks would have been a better approach I would suggest to wait some more days and see how the win rates turn out. As of now for most elo ranges the win rate is at a level of 51-52 % which is just a lil above average.

Mientras los arietes se pulan, otros tipos de asedio pueden ser nerfed.

If u don’t build archan chapel, get fast infantry movement + ranged armor with 2 racks and pump out maa they also have to make maa than u add horsemen or go castle. If u add horsemen he will add spears and u will have to add archers and then it s down to micro in battles. U need to kill his spears before his archers kill ur archers. Also don’t fight English under the network of castle buff. More attack speed is a MASSIV buff do not ever let them build a tower in front of ur base that’s when ■■■■ starts to go bad.

Agree. Is very frustrating to play against english. Also, rams are too strong. villagers don’t kill them fast enough and longbows can kill tons of villagers while they are trying to destroy the rams. Please nerf longbows damage output and nerf rams hp. Also please please remove the homing projectile nonsense.

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maybe you are just frustrated because you cant find a strategy but serious this is just bad.
Give us a example, video or something and maybe we can help you.
everything else is ridicilous.

I was saying that normal archers are faster and cheaper, sorry f it reads ambiguously.

Have you tried doing the same strategy yourself, so that when someone beats you, you can see how they countered it?