English TC has no textures on Low Image Quality

Today I wanted to check the game performance on different graphics settings and found that on Low Image Quality the English TC has almost no textures. This is English civ problem only, tested all other civs on different maps, biomes, with bots and me playing as English, the problem is repeatable on skirmish mode with no mods and tuning packs active. Also restarting the game doesn’t help.

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I can confirm this

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Thank you for confirmation, I rly didnt’ want to reinstall the game :slight_smile:

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Not only from my side but from another sources (my friends) as well

In previous patch there was a same issue with Abbasid archery range in Feudal :slight_smile:

i thought it was just me that had this

Thank you for the reports, all! This is something we are very much aware of and looking into a fix. Appreciate it!