English tech bonus not working properly

The English bonus, “Town centers fire twice as many arrows” is either not working properly or misleading. First of all only the starting TC fires an “additional” and not “twice as many” arrows. Any subsequent TC’s you build either with stone or landmark do not fire any arrows at all unless you put someone in it, and when you do they only fire an amount equal to the garrison number. That is not twice as many. The TC’s are functioning the same as every other regular tower.

Twice as many is if I put two units in the TC then it should fire at a minimum of 4 arrows. Either change the wording to, “starting TC fires an additional arrow” or fix it to be working as the tooltip suggested.

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Oh nice, never paid attention to this. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s kinda wierd that landmark tc has 20 garrison slots and automatically fires but built tc only has 10 and needs to garrison to attack. Would prefer built tc’s to have an ungarrisoned attack for maybe half the dps of the starting landmark tc.

Yeah the tooltip clearly says Town Center(s) fire twice as many arrows however the only TC that fires an extra arrow is the starting one. None of the other TC even fire an extra arrow. I interpret twice as many arrows as 2x the garrison amount.

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Thanks @manydied! Agreed that at least a clarification is needed, if nothing else. I’ll log this so the team can check it out. Appreciate it!