English Test of Strength 2 Mastery

I have played 5 different games against the intermediate AI and the English mastery will not recognize it. I am also not getting the achievement in steam for it ether. I didn’t save and come back, all 5 games were in one session. I played 3 on black forest micro map and 2 on Dry Arabian micro. I had 3 landmark victories, 1 sacred and 1 wonder victories and none worked. I also changed map to be revealed, unrevealed and did one where it was just discovered. I also changed the starting resources to see if that made it work it didn’t. I tried 4 standard and 1 maximum resources. I did 3 English versus English and 2 English versus other civ. I have the steam version of the game and the game build is 5.0.9369.0.

You are doing English Test of Strength 2 Mastery. You should be playing as English.

On me, I have been doing against Hardest A.I. after a week of playing AoE4. When I did English Test of Strength 2 Mastery, I did it against Hardest A.I. I had no issues completing it.

I have been playing as the English and Thanks I guess I will try against Hard AI.

I just won a match against intermediate AI and didn’t get the mastery as well. Could it be that it’s because I saved and loaded during the match?

That’s exactly it. We’re aware this isn’t ideal and do hope to improve it eventually, but it definitely won’t land in the next patch (or probably two).