English vrs China late game

Well its not just English vrs China but really anyone vrs China late game…

I mostly play 2v2 so 1v1 only half matters here… basically how on earth do you counter China late as English?
Rushing them with longbows can kill them off but if they turtle and certain maps just dont allow rushes they just boom and spam cannons… how do you counter China cannon spam?

English cannons get shredded… spring spam is too weak due to their hp they just 1 bang the springs with their cannons fire rate and range… knights suck as they support with pikes… crossbows do nothing and die to pikes also… MAA spam again just melts.

English have nothing vrs this?

I also tried with mongols and hangunner cannon spam beats everything mongols have…

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They can not turtle against Rams.
So your best bet probably is to go mass archer / pikes + early rams.

In lategame it is all about numbers, if you are outnumbered by siege heavily once there is almost no coming back it seems since you just can’t keep up with the siege spam. At least from my experience.

All civs but Mongol/Rus have issues dealing vs Chinese cannons. With other civs you have to kill china early, or play Mongol or Rus as these 2 civs have the tools to deal vs china lategame

U mean spring spam? Which doesnt really work vrs high hp cannons with fast fire rates… also cav doesnt work vrs china… hanggunners and cannons just melt cav.

Try again

Yes they can… in 2v2 they just get help and if your ally is bad you cant do anything about it… also mass towers and peasants vrs rams burns them pretty quick.

Still i know i can beat them early game 1v1 but thats not what this thread is about… its about late game as the title says… how do you beat them late game?

Chinese never even get to lategame. They have painfully slow earlygame. No longer +2 villagers. Not even +100 starting food. They have the weakest Age 2 in the entire game. No way to deal with French Knights, no way to deal with MAA + Ram Allin. If they go fast castle, they die to ram allin. No one bothered to even play them in the later stages of the tournament. Just end the game early and go next game against worthy opponent.


Ermm when you get enough elo come back…

OFC they get to imp in 2v2… they can easy turtle up. READ the thread before you comment dumbo…

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I hate that the Chinese are too weak in 1v1 but become invincible in team battles.I really hope to see Chinese with stable combat effectiveness instead of such an extreme design.


What tools are these? Played one game as Mongols where China reached imp and China crushed me. I guess spamming cavalry with ovoo to take out the nests of bees?

bees nests are not the problem… springs rek them… the problem is cannons! china cannons are 850 HP faster reload speed and 20% more range! they also get chemistry for free !

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China is the best post imp civ and god forbid they get to grenadier. The solution is just kill China before then.

Edit: In regards to beating China when they are imp and somehow even with you (maybe you got a worse teamate). Well they are just better, there isnt really a great solution, cav can help deal with cannons, it helps if your civ has access to culverins. Delhi can forced march in some hand cannons to kill cannons reasonably fast, the mongols can mass absurd springald numbers and then khan ms buff them into range, but no matter what you are fighting an uphill battle. Rus have bonus range springalds and can kind of fight them that way (and strelets only really die to mangos). English at least have infinite gold so maybe you can outlast them, France gets royal culverins which are helpful, HRE gets culverin I guess and if you got relics tons of gold.

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Yes, such game design is stupid. It is estimated that the Microsoft game designer, his head was hit by a tank 16 years ago. Since then, he has been designing Chinese civilization in this way. This extreme design, many players will not like to play.

I agree China is super tough in Imperial. And I would agree it heavily favours China v England in the late game.

Don’t see anyone mentioning it here, but scouts work extremely well v massed siege. Yes they might kill tons of your scouts . But they’re so cheap, aren’t using up gold (even if gold is infinite it still comes in slower than infinite food) and scouts do the same damage to siege as every other living unit for a fraction of the cost.(aside from fire lancers)

Spam em scouts