Ennemy Wonder timing not enough visible


We need to have a clear warning that an ennemy wonder is being built or has been built. Like a message in the middle of the screen, in white with black borders or a message that stays in the upper center (best for players that don’t want that would be a toggle in the options to activate or desactivate such a wonder warning).

Whenever a game extends, the wonder can be one of the way to end this and win… BUT… in some recent games I wasn’t able to aknowledge that there was an ennemy wonder and only saw it when we had like 2 minutes to destroy it so we ended losing while we had destroyed 2 bases and an ennemy player left. We were so focused on the fight and the micro that it was like the ennemy wonder was “invisible” for more than 10 mins.

I don’t know if this happens to other players but only 1 of our 4-man team was aware of the ennemy wonder…

Thank you.


Agreed. It should be like an air raid siren before a nuke drop SC2 style. Giant flashing Holy **** the minute they start building.


I would just like to be able to see where the enemy wonder actually is once it’s built. When it’s an 8 player game, who the heck built the wonder? I have to go look around for it. I know this is probably not a big issue, but it’s something that bugs me a little.