Enough for ban times due bugs

There are some critical bugs which are not been fixed for months.
1- When are you going to fix to not ban anyone who left in the first 3 min of the game if his teammate resigned already. I got banned for leaving after somebody resigned from my team because I FORGOT TO WASTE MY 3 MINUTES.

2- Not being able to click if you accept an invite while on the statistic screen or if the game is dropped. Also sometimes happen when the match came while you are looking tech tree/ civ selection screen.

so, what happened to me, 3 times I realized my game is bugged(can’t click at all) since a game dropped(at it was trying to search new game auto), did alt+f4. result banned a certain amount of time.

2 times forget to wait 3mins for my resign.

Now I got a 1-hour ban, which is not my fault at all. I think you need to stop banning until you fix those bugs. Im sick of getting banned when it is not my fault.


For now you could just decide what causes more frustration to you: waiting those 3 minutes or getting that ban. Then just stick to the lesser frustration. Since you always forget waiting those 3 minutes then i guess you don`t mind a 1 hour ban that much.


you need more accounts so you can play another when you get banned.

No. Please don’t ever promote smurfing. It is entirely unacceptable. It really should be a permaban offence, what you are doing. Better for the devs to fix this, than to create havoc in the way you suggest.

A lot of behaviors that can ruin the entire game need to be permanent banned, such as team killing and walling teammates TC ( resources) , also the ones who abused system by group with extremely low elo players.

Normal smurfing without abusing is only a minor offence that should not be permanent banned. Nobody can tell or prove that if a new account will be used for smurfing. I am a smurfer, I can’t and I don’t want to play hard in every game so people can’t tell I am a smurfer or not.

When the devs can’t help us, we need to help ourselves. I don’t want to play with the people I muted before, but I will get banned for dodging the game. There are also a lot of people usually threatening with reporting. Having multiple accounts is a direct slap on their faces.

Following ur own reasoning you should also get perma banned if you ruin other’s game by ur lower skills, imo that is a massive offense for those who have spent more time and can play better than you.

No one should or can be forced to play with allies or vs enemies that they don’t want, this is a game not an obligation, imagine that i got 7 reports from a tg vs those guys who smurf to POINT trading using new nicks to boost 4k elo nicks, my own random team mates reported me, they all were 800 elo lower than me vs those smurfs, do you even think that is a reason to get reported? banned? by simply refusing to play under those conditions, vs traders and with a team that has not understanding of how lost they were before even starting the game.

All those false positives were implemented to prevent dodging, even if the devs tell you it is not working as intended, it was clearly their intention to punish every single action for any possible attempt to dodge, at this point those punishment lovers should be missing the old dodge system, less time wasted and elo.

I don’t play team-games. It’s also not about the skill level, so your flawed logic doesn’t apply. The point is, smurfing, and especially encouraging it should be a bannable offence.

People don’t play games that frustrate them with bugs and nonsense bans. Sentiment like yours is going to make this game die again.

No one should be banned when the game malfunctions. No one should be banned for wanting to choose their map after MS hand-picks the map pool.

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Yes they do. However frustrating DE can be - there is no better alternative now.
In the end you can always play in the lobby, without getting all stressed caring about ELO, bans, or maps you don{t want to play.

While I’d agree with this generally in the current environment creating second accounts is perfectly legitimate imo. And I’m not referring to the deliberate circumventing of altf4 but to the bugs that currently exists. Like each time your opponent altf4s after map displays the whole game gets stuck and you cant click anything. This isn’t the players fault and therefore you shouldn’t get banned for that.