Epic Siege Onager Massacre

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That’s the beauty of siege units! They’re basically the only units in the game that have the potential to take out swaths of units in a moment.

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Wow nice! I’m sure this has never been done before. Ty for sharing, was rly fun to watch.

Was this sarcasm really necessary?


is the OP’s constant self promo with the vids necessary too


Glad you like it, mate.

Define ‘constant’.

Click on your profile, check started Topics, see that the large majority of your started Topics have been self promo for your Youtube channel.

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Majority of posts being self promotion does not mean it’s constant. The last time I did it was Feb 1, 2022. If it was constant, there would be 1-3 posts a week. The word is sporadic, not constant.

Also, 7 out of 12 posts are self promotion. I’ve been on the forum for 2.5 years (if I remember right). 7 instances of self promotion over a period of 2 years is anything but constant.


This raises a good point: are there any rules about self promotion in the forum? Ive got a youtube channel myself with some AoE content I think people would really enjoy. But I don’t want to break any rules or norms in posting about them.


As far as I know there’s no rules against it. I’ve done it 7 times over a long period. If it was problematic, I would have at least gotten a warning. At the end of the day, it’s AoE related content.

Since you know so much about low and high level content… maybe you could show me your channel filled with high level content (and as many subscribers as Spirit of the law or T90)… so that I could learn from eminent intellectuals like you?

Oh, that’s right. You don’t have one.

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Amazing logic on display. What does my channel have to do with you posting this clip? How is my sub count relevant?

Some arbs without any micro dying to a SO. If this is considered a highlight on your channel then I don’t find it good promotion. I have no problem with self promotion in moderation as long as the content isn’t low effort. Maybe crosspost on r/aoe2, there the mods will allow anything as well.

I do have mutliple YT channels, one dedicated to aoe2 which displays bugs/comparisons to HD and some gameplay. These videos are purely intended for documentation and friends though. You can send me a pm if you want the link.

You did not engage with my point, be honest, is this the type of content you actually want to see yourself?

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You were talking about my content being low quality. Maybe you could show me how it’s done.

and how is 7 posts over a period of 2.5 years not in moderation?

Well, if that was your point, I do like watching such stuff.

Pretty sure excessive self-promo is not allowed there though, heard MikeEmpires’s videos aren’t really allowed to be posted there any more for the frequency (and I guess low effort) they had.

Or something like that.

Meh, self promotion or not it was a pretty sweet clip. Haha, maybe I don’t mind self promotion so much, as (A) I can ignore the thread if I want (B) it can help me find a variety of channels and (C) we’ve all got to feed our kids/follow our dreams somehow.

Good luck to your channel mate.

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I’ll show it if you send pm.

It was more of a general statement, you cut out the main point. However it is on the high side, if everyone did it then it becomes a youtube feed. All depends on the level of content in the end. Clips like above should be deleted for low effort content. What happens holds zero weight if the unit’s aren’t micro’d, it’s almost like watching units clash in the scenario editor.

I’m looking at your other topics, videos of units dying because of no micro. No likes no replies, you can draw your conclusions. It’s more of a moderation fault tbh since they should aim to maintain a certain level.

Feel like there is some bias towards yourself here. However it’s true that people enjoy the game in different ways.

How to decide what to ignore before seeing the video? You get baited by the clickbait title, following your reasoning he ruins it for the next guy who does post something worthwile.

They’re definitely not excessive. 7 posts in a period of 2.5 years.

As in more than half my posts are self promotion? OK. I can agree

If that was your main point, you didn’t communicate it clearly.

7 posts in a period of 2.5 years. Jesus Christ.

That ‘certain level’ would become very subjective. It can lead to a situation where anyone other than established content creators (and literal pro players) like Sprit of the Law, MBL, The Viper, T90, Hera, Daut, Tatoh, Nili, ZeroEmpires, Turkman is automatically irrelevant.

Some of my other stuff did get likes and replies.

Everyone is biased… so are you.

I like watching such shots regardless of who uploads them… even if you upload, I’ll give it a like.


Well, if the content is good, it will lots of upvotes and will be seen by more people.

Clickbait title would be something where the title has nothing to do with the contents.