Episodic bug settlement on unknow map

Hello to you, I am sorry if my sentences are a little weird, but I am using google translate from my French.

As you can guess from my title I spotted a bug on the unknow card, it is a bug that I saw appearing a week or two ago, I am on the steam platform and I use windows 10 64.

In fact it’s systematic at home, but every time I play on this map and there is no trade route, I end up with a native tribe selected at random with which I cannot build a trading top.

And this is generalized to all the settlements of this same native tribe while the other settlements are not impacted, likewise the AI ​​against which I am playing cannot build on these sites either.

The same problem persists whether in normal or large map

to summarize inability to build on trading posts on maps without trade routes and it can hit any native tribe at random, problem found with any civilization be it European, African, Native American or Asian.

Sorry I don’t have a video on hand and tried to be as aware as possible, thank you for your attention.

Hello there, I couldn’t reproduce this issue. There is a bug we are tracking right now related to the Quechua villages not being buildable, but I’m not having this as a widespread issue on this map.

Please let us know if you experience it again and try to capture a screenshot or send in the recorded game. Perhaps that would show us better any issue you’ve encountered.

Also, the forum can translate your message for you, so feel free to type in your preferred language next time! :slight_smile:

Ça marche (les vingt caractères) :slight_smile:

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