EQ cards need an improvement

EQ cards should work depending on the amount of the allies per game, for example if there’s a EQ card for wood it should work like this:
2v2 15% up
3v3 10% up
4v4 8% up

The way they are right now is hard to have EQ cards on your deck since they are so bad and is supposed to be a team game

Also, ALL BAD CARDS SHOULD BE EQ since nobody choose them since they are not good for the game like:
-Surgeons & Master surgeons: replaced by (3 surgeons and a medical tent) delete 4 surgeons card (I have NEVER someone use this card) keep the high speed 50% up health ability
-Assassins & Agents: also reduce their cost to 100 gold, limit their production to 20 units but NO population cost (I have NEVER someone use this card)
-Aerostatic Balloon: I have NEVER someone use this card, maybe also Advanced Aerostatic Balloon

  • All spies (units) cards (muhbirs)
  • Popular native wisdom
  • Inquisitors cards
    -maybe also: distributivism, colbertism and capitalism
    -Theatres card and send a bar (theatre) or improvee gold gather up to 1 p/s
  • 7 cows card
  • al pets (jaguars, monitors, dogs, Rhinos etc.just delete the EQ card and keep the one with higher units (put some 1 or 2 the units at least)

What do you think guys? and what other cards should be added here?
We don’t need more cards! just better ones! there are a lot nobody uses them, even with the changes I propose I don’t think nobody will use them anyway

thanks for reading and answer my post

Excuse my stupidly, but what is an EQ card?


It’s for “Équipe” (Team in french).

Currently a team card is worth about slightly more than half of a normal card so as long as there are two players on your team, it is worth it to send team cards. The bigger the game size the better. So in 4v4 you are strongly encouraged to send team cards because it is obviously a more “team” game. In 2v2 you can send it or don’t send it, doesn’t change much because it is less team more like 1v1. It has no problem right now.

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