Erase Jeanne d'Arc

Erasing Jeanne is probably the only solution to this DLC. Seriously, I held out hope that this DLC would be this “redemption arc” for AoE 4 as a whole & it almost came true after I saw the Byzantine & Japanese. I even turn a blind eye to some of the historical innacuracy of the equipment of these japanese units & at least acknowledge the campaign (even though it biasly leans on the side of the Arab faction by potraying them as the good guys but both sides in reality commit atrocities as well).

Then comes the extra 4 variant civs which comes as a surprise for me since, even though these 4 are reskins & tweaks from the original civs it still counts as new civs for me & I was genuinely for the first time since AoE 4 release really excited. All that excitement comes to end when I found out their names. Order of the Dragon is excusable, Sultan’s Army is funny, Jade Empire is weird, Jeanne meanwhile is straight out insulting for me.

How can a peasant from out of nowhere who only shines as hope for the French in a 3- 4 year span becomes a name of a civ?? Not even Alexander the Great who proclaimed himself the son of Zeus ever change his country name to “Alexander”. This Jeanne civ will be this DLC Achilles Heel for me, & I would never buy this DLC for as long as this civ exist. Which is a shame, since it got my favorite civ Byzantine in there.


Lotta folks showing their spicy opinions on historical women with the details of this variant civ, huh.

Good times :smiley:


First of all, they’ll not remove this variant civilization from the expansion just because you feel like it. A lot of work have probably gone into making these new civilizations.

Secondly, you haven’t provided with any constructive feedback on how they can for example change the name to fit better in your eyes. How do you expect the developers to improve this with nothing to work with?

The issue here is that the particular variant civilization is heavily influenced by Jeanne d’Arc and it make sense to name it after her name, even though I agree that it’s a bad name for a civilization.

My recommendation for them is to change it to something like this:

  • House of Jeanne d’Arc
  • Army of Jeanne d’Arc
  • Followers of Jeanne d’Arc
  • Jeanne d’Arc (French)

It’s not super great but at least it’s better than just having Jeanne d’Arc. And let’s not make this an issue that she is a women, doesn’t matter. It’s history and whether some people want to admit it or not she played a crucial part for France when it was under tyranny. She was a symbole of hope.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, the game will do just fine and this will not kill the game in the end as most people are really excited to finally play 6 new civilizations!


None of these recommendation are great for me but the armies from House Armagnac did support her when she first appeared on Orleans so House of Armagnac or Armagnacs should be accurate enough to be a civ.

I’ve, no WE have already told them from the get go that from the name alone it’s a bad idea before they reveal the detail of Jeanne as a civ, but they ignored us and change only the Sultan’s Army to Ayyubids.

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Another suggestion would be a historical civ name with a hero icon next to it, indicating that this civ is centered around a character.

You didn’t provide with constructive feedback in your original post that you made here, other than telling us how much you dislike these names. It wasn’t until I asked you about it that you kinda provided with it.

Yes this could work if it make sense to her character and the variant civilization that is focused on this character.

I’m fairly sure that they are continuing to monitor all the topics on this, and with 1.5 months to go before the release of this expansion there is still time for them to change the name.

Yes this could work too just need to find a name that works while at the same time represents Jeanne d’Arc as the main character for this variant civilization.

Yeah, I did ask if folks (in other threads) would prefer some kind of updated branding to make it clear the “Journey of a Hero” thing was a large part of the variant. I wouldn’t mind that either.

The issue is that Jeanne d’Arc is still connected to France, and the French civilization in the game so it’s not like they have unlimited options to call it something differently.

For me it make sense to call it just Jeanne d’Arc (French) then have an icon that explains this is a variant civilization of the French. Unless there is a name for her followers? I’m not very educated when it comes to Jeanne d’Arc.

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If you list it under the French Civ it becomes almost irrelevant.

  • France
    • Hundred years war France [hero icon]
    • Burgundians
    • etc

After all, many people have a problem with this “civ” being displayed on the same level as real civs. If you visualize that you are still playing as France, it should be ok.

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Yeah I agree that this is definitely one way to address the issue here by adding the Jeanne d’Arc variant under the French civilization so when you select the French you get to choose between French or Jeanne d’Arc.

This is probably the best option to fix this issue. They just need to figure out how to implement this in the interface so it’s easy for the players to understand.

This was the FEARRRRRRRR, that I had about these hero base civilizations. According to Age of Noob, someone who has/had access to the expansion, in his opinion Jeanne is more MICRO INTENSIVE THAN THE KHAN…

IMO, Khan has a healthy amount of micro for an RTS but going beyond that, and as intimated WAYYY BEYOND THAT?? My impression is this is too far; BUT I reserve the right to see it in action and reform my opinion. BUT IM VERY AFFRAID.


It is not about being man, women, or anything else. The whole idea of making a CIVILIZATION based on ONE SINGULAR PERSON is the most silly and stupid thing in this game ever.


Lest play age of empires and pick empire of Jon D’Arc empire jajaja


For you, I’m sure it’s not. Other people are very concerned about the qualifications of one of the patron saints of France, though.

I didn’t provide them here because I’m already frustrated on how they ignored many people requests to change “this” particular civ name.

This civ is like me making a toast but forgot it & got it burned, what else should I do with it rather than toss it to the bin. The devs were already making this civ centered around her, so changing the civ name would make this civ not about her. I just don’t know what do the devs were smoking on when they made this super Jeanne anyways.

This is where I post my suggestion before the name gets official

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I don’t think people care that it is a women I think it’s just dumb to have a civ named after a person who was only around for a few years. Maybe call it an army or something like someone said earlier or just not do it at all.


Maybe split those variant civ as a separate DLC? I’d more than happy to pay current price only for Japan, Byzantine, and campaigns (hope they meet the expectation…). The new two civs look good and deserve it.


This, but I doubt they would do that. Since from a marketing perspective, the Byzantines & Japanese are the chocolates. The 4 variant civs are those that you would rather not have but already entangled on the chocolate, so I don’t see they would do that move.

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The four variant civilizations are literally blocks of dirt hidden in your box of chocolates.

Again. Baffling that someone made that conscious decision, had it approved by higher ups and actually put it together with a bowtie to present for an audience that has never shown any interest in anything like it.