Erase Jeanne d'Arc

I mean, there are absolutely people who care that it’s a woman.

And there are also a bunch people who don’t, and care for different reasons.

I don’t need to be told a particular subset doesn’t exist, I’ve been active in literally every thread on every variation of the topic. Plenty of good faith criticism to go around.

But some folks are absolutely not that, and of those, some (of those some) are definitely fussed that Jeanne is a woman :slight_smile:

Heu, no. Why?

You don’t have to play it. I don’t want them to erase Jeanne d’arc. Seems interesting gameplay and i think will add variety to the game.

It’s just a dropdown menu. These are variants so they are not the Jeanne D’arc Civ, no one is proclaiming that. They are still the FRENCH civ but with a focus on Jeanne D’arc. The name “Jeanne D’arc” is just a shortcut of the selection you’re making not the name of the entire civilization, which is still French. You just have to get over that these aren’t CIV names.

Then don’t buy it…

This makes 0 sense. People would complain even more if they have to pay just for “Variants civ” now you get those variants civ for free if you buy Byzantine and Japan. What is there to complain?


Dude he didn’t even mention her gender as a talking point once in his comment. You’re saying this same thing in every thread that even mentions Jeanne. We get it, you’re focused on defending Jeanne’s honor. Nobody is denying (except literally one a-hole guy in the entire forum) that Jeanne was an influental character in French history. They’re just saying they don’t want an entire faction and army having her name.


The civ name is “French with variant focus on Jeanne D’arc”. Shortenned to Jeanne D’arc

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and Jeanne is what? Is it a person’s name or is it a name from a faction or a country?

I haven’t seen any but I haven’t been very active around here recently as I normally am so definitely possible there are a few.

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They didn’t, no. What can I say. Call it a judgement call based on the amount of times this poster has posted anime art mocking the figure and her inclusion in the game, combined with the amount of times he’s referenced her (young) age and the fact she was only relevant (before dying, being canonised, etc) in French history for a few years, and so on.

This isn’t a person arguing the general hypothetical that names shouldn’t be civs :wink:

But please, do make up stuff about my motivations. It’s funny that you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing me of.

They’re easy to miss. A lot of people are - no better word to choose unfortunately - spamming about this. Would prefer if they were missed personally. There’s only so many times people can have a constructive discussion about the same thing, with the same posters.

As you can see, people are already picking sides. It puts valid criticism in a box with the less valid stuff. Not a fan, personally.

This post breaks no posts the post it’s replying to (or the posts that reply to this) also break.

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…and change only the Sultan’s Army to Ayyubids.

Factually incorrect, they did change the Empire of Jade as well.

I agree with your assessment of the individual. The things you specifically mention aren’t exactly good examples of either though. The art you mention I think is of character named after her, so it isn’t just something entirely random and Jeanne’s age is not an issue as much as the length of her historical involvement is. For a game about centuries, and moving from Dark Age to Imperial, and seeing your civilization grow and expand–a person whose tale takes place in 3 years really, really does not fit.

Maybe as a one off character that is produced when you make an Imperial age landmark. But, not as one whose civilization is entirely based off of her (as if it is AoE3 with countries supplying colonies and the heroes), and where she exists through all of that historical and cultural development.

LMAO what are you smoking, It’s actually thanks to this anime gacha game that I have become interested in actually researching her story, her history. As a whole it’s thanks to this game that I have become engrossed in history. Something that clearly Age of EMPIRES lack. So don’t bait this conversation away from the topic & accuse me of something that clearly don’t.

It is an age of EMPIRES game not age of Single person game, why is so difficult to use logic for some people ?

It simple doesn’t fit into the game.


Like I’ve said before, I get why people are not a fan mechanically. I understand why purists (and I don’t use that negatively) do not want to see these designs in any RTS game, nevermind AoE. We differ on that opinion, and yet regardless I’m not seeking to convince folks to “see the light”.

Jeanne from Fate using her flag > Jeanne from AoE IV using her cannon

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I’ve got nothing against Fate, lol. But if you can’t see how the post was directed, I can’t convince you. Like I said: judgement call.

Plenty of countries or factions in this franchise that never had an “empire” to speak of. If we want to get pedantic about it :wink:

Yea I personally think she’d be way cooler if she had that iconic flag flapping around with physics or something, if it carried an aura that buffed surrounding units HP and armor. Maybe she could plant it in the ground to act as a static buffing circle (like she did during sieges).


Well many of the civs in the series aren’t empires, they are kingdoms, dukedoms, tzardoms etc etc etc.

Do you want the game to be named Age of Kingdoms, Dukedom, Tzardoms, (some Empires), some not Empires, some Castles and a sprinkle of Sultanates?


Hey mate, want to play AoKDTEnECS?


Well that’s not my problem, I am not the dev if I work on a game that has a legacy as age of empires, I will only use empires…