Erased all Campaign progress?

I bought the game about 3 weeks ago or so and then stopped for a week cause I was travelling. Today I tried to continue the campaign mode but all of my progress was gone, erased (except for the tutorial campaign). I’m using the same account, computer and everything… what happened?

My guess would be a sync bug (You somehow got synced to some really old data somehow) Did you get an option to choose which data to sync to at any point?

Not at all… :confused:

I have the exact same problem, its happened to me twice in one day, going through the scenarios again isnt a proper fix

I just noticed the same problem.
If there’s no better way, I’m going to save at the end of each scenario.
Hopefully the save files are compatible between updates.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to load a saved game. After saving a game the list of available games to load remains empty even though the saved games folder contains the save files.