Error 101


I bought the complete edition on steam a few years ago and never played online. My mate got a pc recently so we thought we’d try and play against each other. He managed to create an account fine but when I tried I got an error 101 and told to go to a link that doesn’t exist. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hi, the relevant page is still accessible here:


I did some looking around and when I put my cd key and game id into the account management it brought up someone else’s username. It seems like someone else has registered an account using my games ID and key, is this possible?


No, it is not possible, but the tool doesn’t work properly for a reinstalled digital version of AoE3, so you will unfortunately not be able to recover a forgotten username.


I have the same Problem!!!


I got my copy from steam ages ago because i couldn’t play it on my laptop at the time. So never created an account on it. Recently got a new Desktop so i could play it and some other games, but when I tried to make an account it would give me the error 101.aspx message. Was using the original game as well. I tried reinstalling; using the account recovery tool to see if someone else managed to get a hold of my CD ID code. When i used all of the information, it said. that there was no account associated to the ID Code. I typed it in (not copy paste) 3 times to make sure I was putting in the right information; I tried running the Win7 registery Zip download and it didn’t do anything can you suggest something else I can do??


I’ve tried the Win7 Registry method again. still can’t create an account but now instead of a giving me an error 101.aspx message it now just says… Failed to Create Account.


Seems like the game isn’t able to save your CD key into registry. Attempt to run Steam/the game in administrator mode to avoid privilege issues.


Thank you! <3 seems to be working, I also did a scan for file integrity on as well. it had found one file that didn’t seem to be doing alright. So if anyone runs into this situation. check the file integrity.