Error about relate the Steam version game to Microsoft account

I bought the Steam version, but while I’m trying to relate my account to my Microsoft account like in AOE2 and AOE3 , the game reported an error. I tried restart Steam, Xbox live, my computer as the error report said, I even tried reinstall the game, but the error just keep happens. I would really appreciate if the staff could tell me about how to fix this issue.
Error code:
C25T05R01X-01 52656C6102B1


I was hoping someone else had this prob also… cant apply multiple accounts to the same name. Here in the forums or ig

U will have to report this to the devs cause this forum is mostly for banter less for actual support. But keep us updated if u find an answer

Its stupud cause the forum allows steam login but requires micrsoft login for most of the actual data and support, but if u have the same email for each steam micro u cant use the same email. So i tried same name diff emails and now i have 3 different accounts :man_facepalming:!! And steam only accepts its own name and account not xbox microsofts login, so until steam allows cross login support, this may be continually problematic