Error connection Season 2

I can not play Ranked games becouse the game is trying to reconnect all time although I’m correctly connected:

When the game expulses me from the cue, I try again and then I have to wait due to this game error:

It’s not my foult, my internet connection is perfect. I paid for this game full of bugs and I demand you to make it work.

it never stop triying to reconnect…

I have the same Problem:


Same problem here, playing from West Europe.

Search Ranked match, get alone in a lobby, disconnects, reconnenction internet message… que up again, cooldown 5 min.
restart game, verify game files,… search match,… disconnect + succesful reconnect message…

try to que again but on a 15 minute timer.

Great. I can play 1 game a day before work, not today i guess :confused:
(Never ever had any problems with this before)

jeeez dude, chill down. Give them even a moment to have a look at this.

.!.!.! i DeMaNd .!.!.! :face_exhaling:

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Apologize for the silence here—had a personal issue. The team has been investigating and hopefully a fix should be on the way.