Error in Microsoft store

I received an invite, made sure I had the right version of Windows (10, 1903) and followed the steps from the email. All went well untill I wanted to install AoE: DE from the Microsoft store. It instantly prompted me with the message “something went wrong” and no further information.

If this is about the AOE DE open beta invitation.

Could you check if there are any pending Windows or Microsoft Store updates?
If so, run these first. After that retry it again.

Yes, it is for the open beta invitation, sorry for not making that clear. There are no pending windows or Microsoft store updates, and I still get the same error.

No problem at all. Here are a few things you could try to solve it.
Please report back if solved or if not and you need more support.
Too bad you don’t have an additional error code.

It could also be related to your age. Per NDA you must be at least 18 years old.

I’ve tried everything but resetting Windows, because that’s really the last of all last resorts I want to do. Age is set correctly, but it still doesn’t work. I also tried installing it on my C: drive, since I was attempting to install it on my other partitions as the C: drive was full, but still no dice.

Are your running Windows 10 Home or Pro btw?

Did you also try to sign on with a (or the built-in) local administrator account?

Is your MS account (still) part of a Microsoft family account thingy?

I’m running Windows 10 Pro, I did try using administrator and I’m not part of a family account.

In the meantime I tried rolling back to a previous version of Windows and reupdating to the current. This got MS Store to the point to start installing the game to about 10% and then throwing me an error message saying “something unexpected happened” with the code 0x80070005.

Instead of rolling back and reupdating I would recommend that you to do an in-place upgrade using the media creator tool from a fresh new local administrator account. But first you need to cleanup your system using the disk cleanup tool.

How much free space is there available at the moment on your system drive (C:)?

I will try that.
I now have 75GB available space, so should be plenty

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It should be. While using that local administrator account you should also be able to add your MS account as additional user (and make it an administrator if you want that or not). Sometimes there is something wrong with the MS account connected (cloud roaming) user profile. But first let’s if this in-place upgrade works out for you.

Did you verify that the account in the store has the same email address to which the invitation was sent to you?

I have upgraded, still the same error. It seems however that the first error without the code appears to be the same as the one with the code I mentioned later.

Yes, Itzal, I have checked that the emails are the same.

Could you open up services management console and check if Storage Service is started (not disabled) and configured to manual start?

And this may sound silly, but could you also check if your date and time settings are set automatically and time zone is set correctly? (Right click time in taskbar and choose adjust date / time)

Storage Service is active and set to manual.

Date and Time settings and timezone are set to automatic.

Strange, very strange issue. The internet is loaded with all kinds of ‘solutions’. Personally I never experienced this one before which makes it a lot harder to ts.

You can download other new games (like Pinball or other free game) from MS store without problems?

Pff yeah works on pinnball…

I think that there must be some other reason why the store allows you to install any other game like pinball, but refuses to install the AOE DE limited beta, while you got an invitation and are insider.

If you don’t mind I pm you to continue our efforts.