Error joining game on update 33164

Anyone else having the issue of not being able to join multiplayer games?

Tried to play a game today, it literally took me 30 of contantly trying to finally join my friend’s game, and then 5m later the game disconnected him as always and we gave up playing DE again.

Honestly losing all hope for the multiplayer of this game.

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i think i’m going to ask for a refund, this is the worst ever game experience

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the previous version actually worked and I got to play about 2 hours of the game, but since the update I cant get any multiplayer working!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!

ok, so finally got some hours of gameplay, was just the 2 of us, but seems all players MUST be upgraded to 33164 before things will work and multiplayer worked too. YAY!!! Thanks, the game is getting more polished after each update, keep up the good work. Will continue playing this week to see how it goes.

this is the basic of the basic for literally any game, everyone needs to play with the same version or else stuff won’t work.

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Hahahaha, I don’t really play much games these days anymore, thrilled I was able to play though lol