"Error loading match results" after match ends

Me and a friend have twice now tried playing 1v1 custom matches against each other and they’ve won with a wonder victory, but after the game loads out to the stats screen we both get the following error message:

“Error loading match results. An unexpected error has occurred. Match data may not be accurate and final match results may not be available. If this problem persists, please visit http://ageofempires.com for support. Error code: C06T09R09X-01 4D504D6105DA”

In case this info matters for context, both of these matches were set up so we could try to figure out why my friend’s “Valiant Victory” Dehli Sultinate mastery was not completing (which is a whole other issue), but because of this we were just playing on the micro size Dry Arabia map, with maximum resources, and map revealed. During the match I was playing Rus and essentially just spawning spearmen for my friend to kill, while they built up the Tower of Victory and spawned men-at-arms to stand near it, get the speed buff, and kill my spearmen. Meanwhile they also built their wonder and we just waited for the timer to run down while I kept sending my spearmen. It resulted in a victory for them but the error message didn’t occur until we had already loaded out of the match.

We both have game Build ID: 8273167

Appreciate the bug report @Cob450. The upcoming Spring patch will hopefully fix most instances of this. That said, you still may want to contact support with your warnings.log if this happens again. Thanks!