Error report for Dodge penalty

I surrendered early but there is a reason
you can refer to below

Just for bug report and fun

This is not a bug, the game has no way to tell whether you resigned for legitimate reasons or not, so they have to punish it. One could argue you should have played on, but that’s a very harsh punishment imo when at this point you already have 75% chance to lose and obviously have no fun continuing.

Kudos to the developers, here’s one of the countless new issues you have created with this timeout system.

A timeout was never needed for 20 years, it will only create side effects like this, you are treating your players like children and creating yourself 10x more work in the process. The only thing you had to do was implement unlimited bans to fix 2/3 of the Alt-F4s.

Now, you still have to fix Alt-f4, but you also have to fix the countless game/server bugs that lead to innocent people getting timed out, introduce an appeal system for people getting punished unfairly like OP, prevent the massive creation of smurfs to work around the penalty, and fix the multiple exploits that dedicated Alt-f4’ers have already found to work around your timeout system.

And even after you have magically managed to fix all of that (probably after many years), you won’t have fixed Alt-F4 at all, because ultimately Alt-f4’ers can simply do nothing for 5 minutes and resign, so they avoid the detection, and people still have their games ruined by Alt-F4 like before, but now everyone in the lobby has wasted 5 minutes playing a fake game.


In a 1vs1 game
I can give up my game for any reason and there are no victims.
Think again bro.