ESO Account forgotten

I have Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection on Steam. I just have 3 hours but I haven’t played in a long time and I cant remember neither the email and password but I have the keycode and the Product ID.

What should I do?! I hope I can get some help here. :frowning:

You can request password reset on the ESO Account Management tool but you have to have access to the email associated with your account.

Yeah, I know but that’s the problem: I cant remember what e-mail is logged and I can’t remember what is the answer about the secret question. I hope the support fix this, since I have the key and the Product ID and played the game before and the game works perfectly on my PC. I just have the problem with the Acc to play MP with my friends.

If you don’t have access to the email you won’t be able to retrieve your account.

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I’m really sad. For me, I dont care if they have to delete my account, because I can create another one, but in that case like you said, I think I’ll have to buy the game again, since I dont have access to email, since I already have CDkey and the Product ID.

Yea, you can buy it on the next steam sale for-75% off but that’s like 3 months to go.

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