ESO Account Help

I bought this game brand new on steam, I’ve never had it and I’ve tried looking through all the forums and I’ve tried doing the script thing to clear any codes or anything and nothing has worked. When I try to create an eso account it says that it’s failed. I contacted steam and they said contact ao3 so I contacted Microsoft which brought me here so I’m hoping I can get help because I don’t know what else to do!

I’ve had plenty of fun playing AoE3 and wish you will too once this obstacle is overcome.
Maybe any of these suggestions can aid.

  • Double Check internet Access.

Can you screenshot the ‘fail to…’?
(Remove any potential secretive info in screenshot before posting to us)

Does Campaign work?

Computer: Windows / Mac ?

Guessing solutions
  • restart computer after successfully installing game.
  • play one game in skirmish. Then restart computer again. Then try creating an ESO Account.

Sorry, I got no accurate solutions.
Hopefully someone else does

What is the exact error message? Failed to create account?
That would mean you’re either not running the base game (which is required for account creation), or there is an issue with writing your CD key to registry (try running game with elevated admin privileges).

im having the same problem too. just bought this game on steam when their sale started up. downloaded and everything. only thing that doesn’t work is the LAN (as im trying to play with another user) and the ES online. I haven’t even made an account and when I click the ES online to make one I get a message saying E_fail.!
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