ESO Account recovery

I was reading alot about this problem now but it seems theres still no awnser.

After 7 years i forgot my ESO account password for Age of Empires III Complete Edition multiplayer mode.

I tried to recieve an E-mail with the ESO Account tool on this site:

I used this tool for over 10 times and wait now about 2 weeks but i still do not recieved any E-mail.
And yes i checked my spam folder and i turned off my computer and turned it on again. haha funny…

I even deleted the game out of my steam library and bought it once again to get a new Key to make a new ESO account. This dont worked either. Now i bought this game 2 times and still cannot play it in multiplayer. I really want Age of Empires III to solve this problem.

Saw in another thread that @HIPPOI maybe can help me out with this problem.
I hope so.

I have the same problem @JurkaX . @HIPPOI can you help us out. Thanks!