ESO Account


I’ve had an Age of Empires III and an ESO account for quite some time and played multiplayer multiple times. Left the game for a while and game back today, and forgot all the information to my account, so went onto the account retrieval tool to see about getting my account. When I put in my cd key and product id etc. to get my password, it doesnt send me the email, and also if i put it into the username retriever, it returns a username which is not mine, nor has it ever been mine. However it still remembers my name as being an account and remembers my security question (sadly I cant seem to remember the answer to my security question). Any ideas on how to fix this?

Anyone got any ideas?

Hello, sorry, there is no way to recover the account if you forgot this information.

Well the thing is, the online tool doesnt show my account when I put in the information, its like someone stole my account.

No, I mean the security question. Username lookup doesn’t work, you can ignore that.

I only got these simple responses:
“Email isnt sent”

  • Check your junk-mail-box.
  • Double check the numbers you provide on the CD-key etc.

How did others refer to you on ESO / Online?

  • That’s your Username,
    use that to reach your passw0rd?

Hopefully someone else got some better insight