Ethiopia and Hausa laming!

Please allow me to say some questions from Ethiopia and Hausa here as a player who has reached top 2 in the ladder rankings,my English may not be good, please forgive my possible mistakes in my statement.
First of all, although Ethiopia’s performance in the game is not good, but in fact Ethiopia’s Sultan process has shown devastating power in the ladder match, these lamers do not need any operations, just need to know how to maximize the strength and Use the shortcut key Z to win the game. Is this what this game wants to see? Most people can’t beat this lame process, no matter how strong their operations are.
The special attack interval of the Ethiopian arms is also the focus of making this process very lamer. In short, only some scimitar warriors, Garsenian infantry and Sultan Dervish are needed, and victory only needs Z to be obtained.
Second, kynesie is a powerful player. The Hausa process he developed makes Hausa appear too powerful on some maps, even surpassing Portugal and Turkey, which had a very high selection rate and win rate on the trading post map in the past. Actually I don’t understand why Hausa and Ethiopian trading posts can have a trickle of 0.5 influence resources per second, but other countries have nothing, it’s not fair.
Secondly, the countries of the Sahel, this card allows Hausa to obtain a very powerful warrior unit in the early stage of age 2, and can even be considered as the strongest musketeer of age 2. In short, I am actually up to now. I don’t understand what the other countries have to do to get a victory over Hausa on many trading post maps, it’s simply impeccable.
My opinion has gathered the opinions of most players in my community. They all believe that these two African countries have seriously affected the balance of the current ladder. I sincerely hope that the production team can make some suggestions on these two countries. The nerf of ■■■ makes them unable to make players irritable and worried on the ladder, thank you very much!


Using the two countries Ethiopia and Hausa automatically +200 elo, as far as I know a few players, they were originally players who have been in 1400 elo for a long time, but since using these two African countries, they can even reach 1600 elo or even 1700, what’s more, it rushed directly to 2000 elo

you played 100% jap for reach that elo with the same process " just z moving everythings "

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then also nerf japan i agree with that,by the way,i m not only play japan but also play brit and china and Ruassian got that elo :slight_smile:

And the most important thing is this discuss talk about africa country balanced and it s none of japan’s business,and u think that s only need japan to get top 2 elo?Then why are so many people still struggling with lower tiers?
What you mean i think is that the African country is very balanced now, then I think maybe next time maybe I should use this balanced country more to win your victory

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Hausa seems ok to me. It has definite weaknesses. Ethiopia seems a bit strong. I’m not at 1600 though.

The Ethiopian Sultan flow is mainly created by a Chinese player Windy120%. This flow he created has a strong rhythm whether it is in age 2 long-term combat or semi-ff, although he did not achieve very good results in the game. , but that is facing kaiserklein after all, to be precise, I don’t even think that Spain has a way to defeat 7:10 to organize a very strong wave of suppression of Ethiopians with 41 units.

Indeed, Africa civs need more careful rebalances. For Ethiopia, gascenya + sudanese dervish + shotel warrior raid is too strong for most civs in early game, such as japan can‘t defend those combination without building many walls. The crucial problem is the mechanism of rof decrease + 4.5 speed. Their dps are overwhelming and my army just gets melt if these units get close. The lower limit of rof should be increased by 0.5, imo. As for Hausa, Lifidi is a monster cav with festival durbar which makes melee anticav units can‘t counter them actually. Removing their melee resistance should be a good nerf. As a compensation, buff Africa civs opening and let them able to age up around 4min30s. The gather rate and food amount of the first cattle can be increased. (Now Africa civs can‘t queue the first villager before 13s, and the normal crate timing is 7s for other civs).


They’ve been nerfed enough, removing 3v from hausa was terrible and way over the top. Ethiopia already have a slow start sending only 2v age 1, sebastopol mortar has been nerfed into the ground with like 5 consecutive nerfs, gascenya nerfed, jav riders nerfed, dhervish nerfed, the starting rate to trade gold also nerfed for both civs i think.

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There has to be a way to weaken the ethiopian meat wave though. It’s near unbreakable in the hands of a good player.

Hausa seems ok imo

scimitar warrior are shotel?

Yeah. They’re the only unit with scimitar like swords ethiopia has anyway.

Thanks for your reply,I agree with the current strength of Hausa. Hausa only plays a role in the advantageous map of the trading post, but if you understand the Ethiopian Sultan Dervish process developed by windy120%, then you must know that this process is very imba, the fact I have already used this process, and this move alone has already entered the ranks of 2000+. Ethiopia’s arms have decided that this process only needs to protect the mortar and put enough pressure on the opponent. There are very few countries. Can withstand age 3 military deck pressure in Ethiopia

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Javelin lamer unit!!!
My 8 skirmishers can t even eliminate a javelin with one shot.
Not just that,these Africa units are all OP now.If you want to deal with them by defending and booming,they will boom faster than you.Therefore,nerf lifidi,javelin and gasenia please.
Hausa will get unbelievable profit by TPboom,if the map yields sheeps and cows that can be breeded and many TP point at the same time,the Hause can beat their opponent with ease.Please nerf them too.

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Surprised the African civs are still considered op because hardly anyone I face plays them since the big nerfs a few months ago.

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African civs have really strong units but their eco isn’t really anything particularly special. I’d be interested to see some really high elo players actually demonstrate some solid, optimized build orders and see how they perform in tournaments (with the exception of the stupid zergling ethiopia rush).

What is this ethiopian process with the dhervish?

To be precise, this process was invented by the Chinese player windy120%, the Ethiopian Sudan upgrade option, and sent the basic card of Big Benny 700 influence, and then sent the military card or the second Big Benny sff according to the situation, if it is age 2 To maximize the military style of play, the ultimate can be a combination of 15 Sudanese and 21 Garsenian infantry at 7:10 to attack the opponent. Of course, it can also be 15 Sudan, 10 Garsenian infantry and 11 scimitar warriors.