Ethiopian monastery gathering issue

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  • GAME BUILD #: current build at 10/26/2022 dont know actual build number
  • GAME PLATFORM: steam
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: monasteries are at random times being unable to be gathered from making the abuns useless aside from healing it not only applies to abuns but villagers as well will be unable to gather from a mine that has a monastery on it i dont know what causes it and it happens at seemingly random times i can gather from gold mines without monaseries on them with vills just fine


  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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I’ve noticed vills and abuns have a harder time getting to gathering position around monasteries compared to normal mining, but I haven’t noticed an inability to actually gather yet on current patch. Sometimes my vills will stand around overcrowded berries and not gather those but still not register as idle, is that similar to what’s happening in your games?

now that i think about it when it happens they dont count as idle even when i move them off of the monastery ive checked it several times though and they arent actually gathering though they can still heal but its like theyre ability to gather/gather action gets shut off or something and they become military/healer unit types from what ive seen otherwise theyd show up as idle units when not tasked and standing still right ? and at least for the bug im experiencing its not that the gathering positions are being weird its that the option to do it is just gone the mouse cursor wont change to the pick axe and right clicking on the monastery does nothing as well its only happened for vills in like one game so far for me and it was when i had a mix of vills and abuns working together on a monastery after i noticed it neither of them were able to gather from that one or any other monastery for the rest of the game

That sounds like what happens naturally when you run out of coin in the Monastery, are you sure there was coin left in there to be gathered?

no thats not how its presenting if the gold had just run out they wouldve been on idle status but they arent like i said previously even when moved to a different location away from anything and just sit still they do not show as idle, and just to clarify there is gold left when it happens you lose the ability to gather from all existing and newly placed monasteries. i have a theory and will be testing it later but so far it looks to be a glitch with the the gather ability.

ive figured it out i was looking through the latest patch notes that just dropped and spied this bb which was not listed in the previous update notes i think it may have been implemented a bit early Book of Axum (II): Now reads “Significantly increases Abun healing range and build limit, but Abuns may no longer gather from Mountain Monasteries” (Researching this technology will also stop them pinging as an Idle Villager) so apparently its either on purpose or they saw this happens and decided to make it a feature which in my opinion is extremely nerfed seeing as how only one unit can be healed by them at a time now so after this update this “upgrade” just makes them expensive poor healers they dont even heal that fast and they have no upgrades that make them better healers either