Ethiopians are over nerffed, I have some suggestions to fix them

they still have 2 vills + 1 abun. It’s Hausa that has the new 3 vill shipment


You do know that they are tagged like the hakkapelits and Harq right? they are not tagged as light range cav.

They are not supposed to be hard counters to any unit they are generalist dps machine like Cuirs

age3 facing 2 falcons from shipment, protected by musketeers, what can you do?

my method is abandon the fb, let the palace and war camps gain some time

rebuild palace, war camp in the base, research “Imported Cannons” for 300 Influence, produce 2 culverins for 1000 Influence.

is Ethiopians OP? No.

Can I ships 3 uselessness Oromo Warriors or Sebastopol Mortar to take down the falcons?
No. Sebastopol Mortar have ×0.1 vs. Artillery and do not act like hand mortars

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How on Earth did you get the impression I think that they are light cavalry? I clearly said they are heavy cavalry and they should be more like Hakkapelits and Harquibusiers.

The problem is that they are not dps machines in any way shape or form. Their melee attack is decent but not good enough for the massive expense. They are also in ranged mode by default which is absolutely abysmal. Compared to their melee attack, their ranged attack damage output is ~28% versus skirms, ~19% vs heavy infantry, and ~9% versus artillery (you can try to micro them to get closer but even if you get the optimal 1.5 RoF, the melee attack is better in basically every scenario). Their only similarity to Cuirassiers is cost, but they lack a Thoroughbreds card to make them affordable.

The most comparable unit would be Harquibusiers and they have ~300% more dps for a 10% higher cost and about 20% less health. Although to be fair, Harquibusiers look like an extremely overpowered unit.

Swedes and British have strong Hussar, their Harquebusiers, Hakkapelit are for fun, but Ethiopians not.

Harquebusiers, Hakkapelit ROF 2.0

Oromo Warrior ROF 4.0 (1.5 against targets in a range of 2), who will use them at range of 2 without turn to melee mode? they have Multipliers ×0.5 vs. all Heavy Infantry with ranged attack.

Harquebusiers, Hakkapelit only have x0.5 vs. melee Infantry, Harquebusiers, Hakkapelit could be useful for countering Sentinels + Fire Throwers combo, Grenadiers + musketeers.

Buff Oromo is ok, they are weak units. But African civs have monster unit javelin rider, they still need to be nerfed. :frowning_face:

It’s not a monster unit, and it serves a completely different role from Oromos. Javelin riders need at most a mild nerf of -1 range and maybe 5-10 less health.

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not MONSTER recently after those nerfs, just like Soldado, Forest Prowlers, which are sightly better than the others

Why is it that when I make javelin riders they are literal trash? I can’t even kill hussars with them where are you guys getting these monster javs from?

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A card like Thoroughbreds for Oromo Warriors would be really nice. They could do with another card for a hitpoint boost too, in my opinion, to justify their cost. Otherwise, keeping their cost and hitpoints the same, increasing their RoF to a flat 2 might make them more useful. I think the Desert Raiders are supposed to cover the lighter melee cavalry side for Ethiopia (Shotels just don’t seem that useful) as they compare well with Uhlans with Shiftas and Loyal Warriors, though they do take at least Shiftas before they become viable at all.

But unlike the harq they dont have to get to 6 range to actually fire off their attack and range is pretty good for micro in combat, they have the same range as normal goons meaning they are deadly in kiting situations with the higher base attacks - and if someone tries to charge them, that also reduces their ROF, so its not an easy task

also while that is their base stat, they are only available in age 3 so they get free +15% shadow tech and another +10% from the elite upgrade, like this is the stat you can easy get them for

To put that into perspective, comparing it to dragoons (which has the same range) they deal more damage per pop in one volley against all other units except cav, art and heavy infantry

Sure you have to the 4 ROF but in a hit and run situation you really dont need to care about that

That is also not accounting that you can get Range cavalry Caracole for another +10% and extra range and then the card that gives them + 20% damage and also extra armour which also makes them range tank

also just realised since they are heavy cav they also benefit from cavalry cuirass


I think its a pretty strong and heavily rewards micro

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Yeah I tried them out just for memes and boy they shred

Another thing I just realised is that they are effectively china’s forbidden army all roled into 1 unit, you get no dps loss from charging and pathing like with normal heavy cav and you can kite and run away just as easily

Easily underestimated unit, in addition also forgot about all the other techs they could get like the port tech for extra attack for the sudan tech for melee armour, meaning they can charge in even more easily

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None of this is true in practice . The only “micro” you need to do is manually switch them to melee mode every time a batch is trained. The only situation where their ranged attack should even be considered is kiting against heavy infantry but they have a 0.5 multiplier against them which basically cancels out any advantage in that situation. And if you’re making heavy cavalry to fight heavy infantry there’s something wrong with you.

Lol, the “all units” you refer to is just light infantry. Of course they are going to outperform Dragoons when fighting their direct counter.

Their cost and population space is comparable to 1.5 Dragoons or 3 Javelin Riders and their performance is generally worse than them. If there are always units in your roster that are cheaper and better, you’re never going to make Oromos.

The extra range from Caracole is useless with their RoF mechanic. The Arsenal techs also apply to all other units so it’s not an argument in favour of Oromos.

Have you tried using them like china cav? cause the fact that they have 2 different attack and get higher dps at closer range means that they have none of that cav pathing problem and just roll over the opposing force.

Switching them to melee just decreases the overall dps of the mass

ahem lancers, cuirs, rifle riders and i argue this unit as well.

true you got a point but there is one more you kinda missed, normal goons ironically, they do more damage to goons then goons to themselves, which has interesting implications for skirm goon wars

its not meaningless, it gives you flexiblity since you both have the ability to kite and to charge in, the longer range means you start your first volley from further away before charging in. its a similar principle why the gascenya is so disgusting,

they are cheaper per pop (both coin and food) then both the javelin rider and the shotel

They don’t work like that at all. Meteor Hammers do melee damage from range and have x2 vs artillery so they chew through artillery. Oromos ranged dps against artillery is less than 10% of their melee dps.

They only have reasonable dps in melee. You could argue that they are good damage sponges at range but they are in no way dealing significant damage.

Lancers and Rifle Riders are units outside the counter system. Cuirassiers probably wouldn’t be cost effective counters without their cost reduction card.

Equal resources of goons will easily beat Oromos in a ranged fight. And you should be making skirmishers against that.

They aren’t. Javelin Riders are 1 pop, attack more than twice as fast, and have good multipliers. They will outperform Oromos against everything other than light infantry (which Shotels and artillery can handle better than Oromos).

There is just no reason to train Oromos when there are other units that do everything better.

To be useable, their ranged damage needs to be improved to make them a decent generalist unit. Or they need to specialize to take out artillery since Ethiopia has no good counter other than Culverins that are locked behind a tech.

They are currently just a damage sponge with okay melee dps and that’s not really enough to justify their massive cost. Their weird fire rate mechanic is totally useless because there isn’t a situation where the perform cost effectively in ranged combat. Either their ranged damage should be buffed as I suggested, or they should just be melee only with a charged ranged attack.

let me explain, a reason for china cav’s effectiveness is more pathing then the melee damage since the 5 range on the meteor hammers means the iron flail stay in front and the meteor hammer in the back can target fire a unit without pathing around trying to find a target and losing valuable dps

oromo do that on steroid since you can just chagrge into the enemy line, let the first units in front go into melee while all the units in the back fire off at max range dps

Your melee dps might be good but it doesnt mean ■■■■ if you path around and die before you make contact, and with DE pathing this is a bonus in and of itself. The dps of a single unit might be higher in melee but crap as a group while a combined melee +range dps will be higher

who needs to be cost effective if you kill them faster then they can kill you and you dont die?

Javelin cost 60 food 50 for one pop
oromo cost 150 150 for 3 pop

they are tankier, have more then enough damage with micro and are also slightly more upgradeable due to the presence of the jesuit tech

yeah equal resources, so make that doesnt happen then , a soft counter is still a counter, that also means a gascenya +oromo comp is more then deadly enough to wipe out most other comps

The variable ROF is the key to having the unit perform well in both melee and range roles, if you remove it there isnt ever any point to put it into melee, especially if the thing has the same range as a goon

I’m not sure why you think Oromo is a soft counter to dragoons. For the cost you can have 3 dragoons for every 2 Oromo. In age 3 with no cards/techs, 3 dragoons have a collective 720hp and 237 ranged damage (not factoring the 20% rr they both have) to Oromo. 2 Oromo have a collective 950hp and 104 ranged damage to dragoons. Since they have 6.5 speed compared to dragoons 7.25 speed, there is no way they should have a faster rof vs goons than 4.

It makes sense though. They should be countered by goons.

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I say soft counter because they kinda do more damage to dragoon compared to other range cav unit

true they are hard countered by dragoon in equal pop or equal cost situations but equal mass they can fight against goons unlike other cav

Like unironically in a goon fight situation, they do more damage to goon type units compared to other goon units since dragoons don’t counter themselves.

Its for a similar reason that if musket actually get close to skirms, they beat them handily even in range combat but loses in almost any other situation

The oromo should be thought off as a tanky cav ver of a msuket

At the end of the day, no one uses Oromos, and there is a reason for that.

Yes, they can avoid some pathing issues at range, but when their ranged damage output is at best only 1/3rd of their melee dps it’s still worth it to just put up with the pathing inefficiency. With perfect micro you probably still aren’t going to do more damage than putting them in melee and using attack move. They’re also a 3 pop unit so it’s not like you’re going to have tons of them bunching up and blocking each other.

Even 1v1 it seems like they would trade evenly.

(Age 3 no cards) It takes 6 hits for an Oromo to kill a dragoon. It takes 8 hits for a dragoon to kill an Oromo. Since the dragoon is 7.25 speed the Oromo should not be able to have a rate of fire much faster than 4.

6hits x 4rof=24 seconds for an Oromo to kill a dragoon.
8hits x 3rof=24 seconds for a Dragoon to kill an Oromo.

If your opponent does not kite then maybe they can be a soft counter but in the same way a halberdier can be a soft counter to skirmishers if they got into melee range.

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